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1. Who does Ernest T love more than his 22 Repeater?

2. Who is most likely to answer a question about possums a little girl or ____?

3. What did Opie give his father to help with Ernest T's education?

4. Where did Ernest T learn, "Open and Close?"

5. Who is Ernest T's mother figure?

6. What happened to Ernest T when he refused to relinquish his piece of chalk?

7. Why can't Barney take Ernest T behind the jail and kick him around a little bit?

8. Who was sitting on the bench with Andy when Ernest T tried to carry Helen's groceries?

9. Name Ernest T's  "extra" boundaries.

Final extra credit question: Write Ernest T's sentence:

(All participants get a Diploma For Learning.)

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#2 A boy with dirt under his fingernails? Hope so - I want that diploma :)

Correct, Mayor Pike! 

You get a diploma plus a 10% discount coupon from Floyd's barber shop for being the first to answer.   You might want to ask for the slickity neck special.

#1 I am guessing Ramona

#2 already answered

#3 ?

#4 The barber shop

#5 Helen

#6 Helen popped his knuckle with a ruler

#7 Andy and Helen both told Barney that "he will kill you!"

#8 Mr Schwamp

#9 Old man Kelsey's woods, crick and ocean. 

Extra - No hunt beware open & close no Credit

Fantastic work, Tuscarora!  A Diploma for Learning for you with honors.

#3 is hard because it happens early in the show.  Andy sends Opie upstairs to get it.

I had just re-watched that particular episode yesterday morning about an hour before seeing this so everything was fresh in my mind. 

Great stuff sir!

eXtra extra credit...what letters of the alphabet does Earnest T know?

IMHO,  the concept of “Old Man Kelsey’s Ocean” is one of the funniest ideas ever from TAGS.  I would have to ask Miss Crump if it’s example of ironic humor, but the concept has always stayed with me.  Maybe I’ll have it put on my gravestone.....GONE TO OLD MAN KELSEY’S OCEAN.

I think it's hilarious, too, Bernie.  It shows us how small Ernest T's world is, but he knows every inch of it.  Even where to find a possum.

Just rewatched this episode, #3 is Opie's first grade reader. 

Yep, that reader was something I hadn't registered in a dozen viewings.

I used these questions on episode 475 of the Two Chairs No Waiting Podcast!  Thanks for the great fun! 

Can I go slick down my hair, first?




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