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Good Afternoon:

Has anyone seen the Howard Family movie on youtube with the "Behind the Scenes of the Andy Griffith Show"?  If not, it is worth the time.

However, upon reviewing the video, I noticed a man reading a newspaper and think it may be Mr. Schwump.  His attire does not look "period" for the show, so he may be a crew member.

To find the video on youtube enter keywords: Timeless piece from Behind the Sceen (Scene is misspelled in the title) the Andy Griffith Show  

The man I think is Mr. Schwump appears from 1:14 to 1:23.

I tried to copy and paste the link but this site would not allow it.

Interested in your thoughts!

Robb Kiker


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I took a look, Robb.  If you’re talking about the man in the light blue jacket, it kind of looks like Mr. Schwamp and it kind of doesn’t.  However, if it’s the same man who is seen shortly after that, with sunglasses and smoking a cigarette, then I’d say it isn’t him.

Around the same time in the video, we do see the mystery lady of Mayberry....the one who was in a number of episodes, but I believe no one knows who she is.  

I forgot to mention that the video is very enjoyable and charming.  It’s like watching a long lost home movie of family members.  (And, if you watch closely, you’ll spot “Hubcaps” Lesch.j

The video is found here on YouTube.  Here's some screen shots of the guy and I have to agree that I don't think it is Mr. was a good try and worth looking into but I don't think it's him.


I see what you mean in the 2 shots.  When he is reading the newspaper, the likeness to Schwump is strong.  But, if he is the same fella in the sunglasses and smoking, then I it is less likely.

Who is the mystery woman of Mayberry?  Where in the video?

Interesting that the beginning seems to document the Intro where the person throws the rock for Opie.  Don't see him throw it but see the setup and staging. 

You can see her in the 1:20 to 1:30 range of the video, including standing by the rowboat.  She has been in quite a number of background scenes in the show, but I believe no one has determined who she was.  Someone please correct me if I’m wrong on that.

I see the lady to whom you refer.  I now recall seeing her in some episodes.

Kind of disappointed about Mr. Schwump..... Hoped to have found some evidence to solve that mystery!

A couple observations from the video:

Andy seeming to cozy up nicely to Helen in the photos.

Bee seems quite happy, contrary to what some have said about her on the set.  

Caught Thelma Lou smokin'! But looking pretty as ever. 

Barney's first car is shown. No Ms. Lesch though. 

Gomer seemed to stay in character in all his appearances.  Leon too!  

Opie seems to be having a blast on the set. 


Beg to differ:  I think Mrs. Lesch can be seen at the 2:02 to 2:04 then again 2:08 to 2:12.

Also noted the cozy between Andy and Helen.  Maybe just staying in character? Lol.....

Good catch on Mrs. Lesch! I missed that.

Great find. I can't wait to check this out!




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