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I just watched Prisoner of Love and there's something I've always wondered about...

When Andy is on the front porch smoking, smelling her perfume on his collar he gets a notion and immediately tosses his smoke away and makes a B-line for the jail. Now, why did he go back?

(A) he realized that if he had such a hard time resisting the woman's charms, Barney was sure to cave and he went back to rescue him?


(2) he reconsidered and decided he'd throw caution to the wind, go back and nibble on a love Newton?


(C) something else that I hadn't thought of?

I've been under my bucket just thankin and thankin on this and the answer just ain't coming. I wanted see what theories might be out there. 

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I go with answer B!   And I wouldn't blame him.  Susan Oliver was a looker.  

I actually think it was a combination of A and B.  

However, that was not one of my favorite episodes.  The whole story seemed kind of odd, the music was very annoying, and it had an almost uncomfortable amount of sexuality to it.  It’s also a VERY good thing that Thelma Lou and Helen didn’t happen to stop by to see the boys that night....whoooeee!  Helen would have made Andy bring Aunt Bee down to the jail as a matron.

Even with Susan Oliver in it, it is not one of my favorite eps. I too wondered why Aunt Bee was not there as a matron.  When the female speeder got arrested, Andy clearly stated "a female prisoner has to have a female matron, it's the law".  Yet, he didn't for this episode.  

Good point Shorty. I betcha Aunt Bee had a cure for them hot flashes!

I'm leaning toward A much more than B. Knowing Barney as well as he did - and knowing what a knucklehead he was - he knew that Barney would be no match for that vixen!

Andy had been searching for some way to get rid of Barney due to his general incompetence, which could very well prove dangerous sooner or later. He took along his handy old Brownie to the jail, hoping to catch ol' Barn in a compromising position with that sexy woman prisoner.  Of course Barney was too scared to make any moves and so Andy's plot came to nothing. Drat, foiled again.

Otis got denied use of the jail in this episode.  Was that the only time that happened?

No - in Aunt Bee The Warden, he had to serve time at "The Rock" with "Bloody Mary".

Andy offered to let him go back to jail after Aunt Bee put him to work...but the four ol' boys already in jail woulda tore him a new one for sure!

Well, there was that one time when the fun girls were in town and spent the night in jail. Daphne and Otis got into it cause she was in his cell. But I think Otis won out on that one.

Then there was the time the Gordon boys got locked up and they thought it was Otis that turned 'em in so Andy had to put up him at 'The Rock' aka Aunt Bee's home away from prison.

I was thinking more in terms of Otis being sent home to his wife, while drunk.  In the POL episode, Barney took him home.




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