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During the show actual (real) people were mentioned. I believe there is a list somewhere but I can't find it. So under this topic list the real person and the episode if you know it.

I'll start with Glenn Ford in "The Bank Job"

I know there are lots of others.

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 your reply is blank...I guess the Count does exist! LOL

Sorry I messed up.

In Opies Band, The Beatles are mentioned.

They are in Emmetts shop and Goober says to Opie: "When you get to be like one of those Beagles are you still going to talk to me?" Opie says: "Beatles Goob"

Opie mentions several people in the episode "Off To Hollywood" including John Wayne, Fabian
Dino's on Sunset Blvd

Wyatt Earp was mentioned as Clarence Earp's cousin.

Malcolm Meriweather mentioned the three U.S. Presidents Pierce, Buchanan and Lincoln when setting Barney straight on American History.

Ferlin Husky

Whether he is real or not is still out for debate but there are those who believe that Count Istvan Telekey just might be here in this room with us.

Johnny Unitas was mentioned.

Don't forget Whitey Ford's dippsy doddle pitch.

Opie and his friend mentioned Mickey Mantle right before they lost that baseball in the Rimshaw place.



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