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We have been very fortunate to have a great platform to enjoy with the iMayberry Community.   We did a upper job two years ago and raised enough money to keep the website going for a couple of years, but now its time to look forward to the next year or tow.  PLEASE Consider making a donation to help keep the site going.  See the picture to know where to go.  I know any amount would be appreciated by the webmaster.

I am definitely donating!  Will you join me?! 

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Who enjoys this page? Who loves the "Two Chairs No Waiting Podcast?" Who loves the great Discussion Forum banter?

I know I do. That's why I'm going to contribute!!

If 28 members throw in $10 each, we'll have this thing knocked out.
If 10 members throw in $25 each, we'll have this thing knocked out.

And when you leave, take a look at that sidewalk...see if it doesn't say Bobby Dribble Hates Emma Larks.

Don't forget to take just a minute and donate to help keep this page alive and going strong.  We all responded well two years ago and gave generously enough to keep it going for two years. 

Let's make it happen, and support the site...I know I am.

Already did, Col.  Biggest bargain ever!

Thelzcuz, In the words of Malcolm Merriweather:
"Arent cha' kind...aren't cha' kind!"

I sent mine yesterday through that "pay-pal," thing!  That makes it almost painless and as you probably know I'm a very frugal person.  I had thought about sending some old forty-watt bulbs that still had a little juice left but then someone said that wasn't really what computers ran on, so I went ahead and sent money.  It really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

A. A guy moves into town.
2. He has NO job.
And C. He wants to marry Miss Bendle-Mright.

Glad Oscar Fields didn't run off with your valoose so you could help out! Bless you!

Thanks to those who have donated to keeping the iMayberry Community going.  It cost me just over $240 a year to keep things running here in this corner of Mayberry.  So far, thanks in large part to Col Harvey, you guys have donated a bit more than half of the expense.

Please know, if you donate, all the money goes toward paying the hosting fees for  iMayberry Community.  Two years ago we raise double the money we needed so in 2015 we didn't "beg" for donations.  The same will be true of the money raise during the "web-a-thon."  

Please consider donating.  If everyone gives just a little, we'll raise a LOT and keep the doors open.


How's this coming Floyd?

Come on...after all, we're a "friendly town." Let's help out.!
It's March 2017...and we are just a little away from meeting this year's goal! I've donated. Please join me to help fund this website!
Long time lurker. Now a new member here with first post. Sorry for my ignorance on where I should put my question.

Here goes, $25 to this sites cause in the name of the first member that can tell my what episode Gomer was at Wally's Gas Station. Gomer made the statement that 'everyone knows you can get more mileage on the tire casing' . Not exact quote, but something like that. Thanks!.... Jim

Hmm....Good to have you with us, Jim, but I don't recognize that quote.  Hopefully somebody else will have an idea.




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