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Andy fans appreciated Susan in "Prisoner of Love." Here's a brief overview of her life,

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She looked good enough to take to Chinatown.  

Susan Oliver, Barbara Eden and Joanna Moore....I don’t think I’d ever be able to decide among ‘em!

Sure do love love love that saying, but I keep forgetting to use it in my life.

As for choosing among women, I always have that trouble. Is that being greedy or perhaps fickle? I liked Sue Ane Langdon too as well as Julie Adams, both played the county nurse. 

Flora's my chosen woman.

I have to say, just look at the possible "love interest" candidates the powers had to choose from and they picked "Hellen"  Makes one wonder!!!

Any one of the 6 above would have been better. 

And and and the original intention was that Helen would be a short deal, that's why she had a clunky last name, but she lasted toward infinity.

As a boy, I met Susan Oliver. Her stepmother and half-brothers lived on the street backing the street I lived on. When the local newspaper (in Lafayette, Louisiana) printed an article that she was in town, all the boys in the neighborhood suddenly decided it was a good day to play with the Gercke brothers. When we turned up asking if we could play with them (something we had never done before), we didn't fool anyone. Susan Oliver was there, impeccably dressed, perched on the arm of a chair. She was very gracious to us and we were all as starstruck as Andy and Barney were.

Great story, Ronald. She was a looker alright.

I did a Two Chairs No Waiting episode all about her.  An amazing lady.




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