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Has anyone seen or made any TAGS gif files?  I made this one and will make a few more if I can capture a good moment:

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That's a good one!

Those are great, Plain Claude, thank you kindly for your efforts. Barn looks more like Bugs Bunny than ol' Rock! Here's some GIF suggestions. A great one to do would be Aunt Bee's reaction to Gomer's fish in, 'Andy Saves Gomer.' Or Aunt Bee throwing the fishing pole in the first episode. What about the scene in, 'High Noon In Mayberry' (Luke Comstock,) when Gomer jumps out at Barn and he falls into the bush? Or when Andy launches Barney off his feet in, ' A Medal For Opie.' Goober lighting the lamp in, 'Three Wishes for Opie.'

Thanks Keezy, unfortunately I don't have my DVDs so I am very limited as to what episodes I can use.  Unfortunately YouTube keeps removing episodes now so there aren't many on there any more.  Here is what I could get so far:

Pretty Neat !

I love Ronnie Howard's reaction in the first one. Thanks again for posting.

Look closely at the ground near Opie's foot and then going left to right behind Andy and Aunt Bee.  See that "circle" that appears to be on the ground?  I think the line runs from Opie and then in front of Andy's boots that are sitting behind Andy on the ground.

If it is a circle, I bet that was placed there by the production crew to show where the actors needed to stand/stay within to be in the shot

Maybe I'm just seeing things but I think there's a circle there.  What do y'all think?

I see it; makes perfect sense.

It sure looks like it.  Ron is just keeping that one foot in there, isn't he?  It looks like they moved the camera just a little to the left when Ron moved that way.  Smooooooth, the way they floated that camera out there.  I never came close to noticing any of that live.

Those are great!  I never noticed quite how crazy that fishing scene is before - usually just watched Aunt Bee or the fish.  Barney chasing the chickens out of Mr. Frisby's barn in "Aunt Bee the Crusader" might be like that, but of course it's been deleted from Youtube.

I wonder if "Goober and the Art of Love" when Barney and Goober are spying on Andy and Helen would turn out any good.  Andy and Helen kiss and Goober is jumping up and down slapping his knees and Barney is darting around trying to decide whether to run away.  That scene is on Youtube right now.

I don't think these are on Youtube right now, but how about when Goober jumps up and "close talks" Barney, with Barney leaning back as far as he can.  That happens during the new deputy lineup in "Goodbye Sheriff Taylor," and maybe in "Goober and the Art of Love" (not sure about that one, but it was an episode soon after "Goodbye Sheriff Taylor").

You are right, the fishing scene is great.  Keevy just mentioned Ron Howard's reaction.  I love the line "What'd she do that for?!?!" as "Ain't" Bee drops the pole and runs.  I recently made a big move and mistakenly moved without my TAGS DVDS.  However I have my first child due in 2 weeks (!) and my parents will be flying in so I am getting them to bring at least the first five seasons if they don't have room for all.  At that point I will be able to make any GIF I want and better quality.  




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