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  You know, I wonder if TAGS will still have a following 25 years from now? A lot of us remember watching it on the tube in the 60's, but that generation will be gone. Hopefully since the, to me at least, timeless stories of friendship, love, respect, etc are so simple that it will live on forever.

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I think once the majority of folks who actually saw episodes in their first run pass away, that TAGS and other shows will become obscurities. Then again, I could be wrong.

I hope not. But then again, you sure don't see many folks talking about Uncle Miltie who was on prior to TAGS. I guess the newbies will be watching classics like The Dancing Stars and American Idol.

Unfortunately, I believe that it is possible that classic shows such as TAGS may not be as widely broadcast in the future as they had been in years past.

I can remember when Nick at Nite  and TV Land were loaded with classics such The Donna Reed Show, Mister Ed, Dennis the Menace, Father Knows Best, and many others. Now, TV Land's lineup seems to consist mainly of shows of a much more recent vintage,

On the other hand, there are several channels (none of which I currently receive), such as Retro TV, Me - TV, Antenna TV, which specialize in classic programs, which is encouraging.

Mrs. Tucker and I have begun to acquire a library of classic shows on DVD. In fact, starting tonight, we're going to once again watch the entire run of The Dick Van Dyke Show over the next few months, watching an episode or two every evening.

Just this past week at work, another older guy and myself were just talking about Floyd the barber. A young lady in her late 20's didn't even know who he was. When we told her Floyd was from TAGS, she squinched up her nose– not a favorable portent for the future.

My son is 21 he loves TAGS and a lot of his friends love it . There is Hope.

Squinched her nose up at Floyd??!  Heck, I thought her snoot got out of whack 'cause someone was microwaving fish over in the employee breakroom for lunch!

That's where us parents come in. Buy Andy on DVD and have an Andy Griffith family nite. Teach your children these values they will never go out of style. Start a chapter of TAGSRWC in your town invite everyone have a pitch in dinner with it do Mayberry Bible studies at home and in your community you will be suprised at the crowds that you will draw in to these events be sure to advertise it in your towns newspaper many newspapers will list non profit community events in there papers for free let me know how this works out for you! I wish you success with this feel free to email me for further suggestions I'm happy to help in any way I can!

I'd feel better knowing that The Jetsons watch TAGS... that way I'll know that The Andy Griffith Show will be around for a long long time.

TAGS is a classic in my humble opinion and will live on forever.  Look at "The Jackie Gleason Show" or "I Love Lucy", they are still as funny as ever but NOT as funny as Barney Fife.

Barney, will you marry me?  


I believe that there are a few shows that reached people at an emotional level like no others. MASH and a few others come to mind. But everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, wants to live in Mayberry at some point. Even if only for half an hour. I haven't done the research, but I'd bet that no tv show as old as TAGS has a following as large, online or otherwise. I think these are good reasons to have hope for TAGS's legacy and popularity in the future. 

Ahll See Ye. 

I'm hoping it will remain around.  I do believe that there is hope.  Just look at "I Love Lucy", it has been an icon for years and still has quite the following with the younger crowd.  TAGS, I feel has the same aura.  Good, clean, fun will never go out of style.

Well I can tell you in 25 years I will be 38 years old and I plan on still watching TAGS so you'll at least still have one person watching TAGS in 25 years.




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