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I know this has been talked about but TAGS characters crop up in the strangest places and when you find them you just gotta tell somebody! 

I was just watching an Alfred Hitchcock episode 'How to Get Rid of Your Wife' and lo and behold there was Chester and Skippy and they were in the same scenes together.  It's almost as exciting as finding a new Tom sighting!

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I was watching some random old sit-coms on YouTube today and started watching a series starring Betty Hutton called "Goldie," circa 1959.  Goldie's best friend is a cigarette girl played by Jean Carson, known to us as Fun Girl Daphne and convict Naomi.  She was a pretty, young brunette, but there's no mistaking that voice!

If you watch Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock you'll see many of our friends playing roles before they came to Mayberry, even Opie and Aunt Bee.

Great find MM!

Just watching another Alfred Hitchcock, 'The Right Kind of House' and Malcolm Tucker aka Mr. Foster is the main character.

Although not a television show no less than six TAGS alumni appeared in Rosemary's Baby including Hope Summers (Clara Edwards [Johnson]), Walter Baldwin (the first Floyd), Almira Sessions (Mrs. Fletcher), Jean Inness, Roy Barcroft and Pearl Cooper (wife in Horse Trader).

I was watching an episode of Leave It To Beaver the other day, where Beaver and Larry were "arrested" for stealing a rowboat. The gruff but friendly police sergeant looked was Derekson, the bad guy in The Manhunt, played by Frank Gerstle.

Those were the days when TV was entertainment.  Today... not so much.

Just saw Mayor Stoner (That's S-T-O-N-E-R) in a Hitchcock episode. Also in the same episode was the guy who brought bad luck to Mayberry but I can't think of his name.  They called him 'The Jinx'.

Just watching an Alfred Hitchcock with John Masters (the choir director-Olan Soule). I'm beginning to think all of our friends from Mayberry started out on Hitchcock.

Just saw our beloved girl Peggy in a Hitchcock episode "Invitation to an Accident" Season 4 Ep. 36.  She's a flirty lil hussy in this role.  The only way I could tell it was her was that voice.  Love that voice.

Saw an episode on Perry Mason with a shoplifter. And the same lady played the shoplifter in the Andy Griffith episode!  In this Perry Mason episode, the  sheriff was played by Mr. Foley the butcher. 

Little old ladies ought never to clank.




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