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I know this has been talked about but TAGS characters crop up in the strangest places and when you find them you just gotta tell somebody! 

I was just watching an Alfred Hitchcock episode 'How to Get Rid of Your Wife' and lo and behold there was Chester and Skippy and they were in the same scenes together.  It's almost as exciting as finding a new Tom sighting!

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He was the voice of Goliath the dog in the children's show Davey and Goliath! 

Also the voice of John Avery Whittiker in the Christian children's radio drama Adventures in Odyssey. 

I saw Jubil Foster playing in a Hitchcock episode.  He was a main character. In case you don't remember, Jubil Foster is the guy who burned down his barn and blamed Opie and his fellow clubsmen.  If you want to know the name of the club... I can't tell ya (curse of the claw).

I saw Aneta Corsaut in an episode of Gunsmoke a few days ago. She played a strict, by the book nun. Made Helen Crump look like a wild thing.

IMDB says she was in three Gunsmoke eps between 1965-1967. Looks like she went west after TAGS.

Maybe she decided to head back to (Dodge City) Kansas. I also saw her playing the daughter of a Jewish peddler. I think that might have been on Bonanza. 

I wonder how hard it would be to name TAGS characters we haven't seen in other productions. Most of the notable ones have appeared either before or after the show. Even Mr. Schwump has stood against the wall on other dance floors.

Floyd maybe? I don't recall seeing Howard McNear in anything but TAGS.

Howard McNear was in some Gunsmoke episodes and at least one Twilight Zone the one with Andy Devine.

Thanks Scott. I just looked it up on IMDB.  His filmography goes all the way back to 1956 and he's played dozens of characters and voices in TV series before the 80 episodes of TAGS.  I don't know what I must have been thinking.  

But he was at his best as Floyd the barber, particularly Seasons 4-7. He is my favorite character from the show.

Agreed.  It was neat how they producers made a way for him to continue to play the role after his stroke.

I saw Howard McNear in a Twilight Zone episode S3:E30 "Hocus Pocus and Mr. Frisby". The guy that played Councilman Dobbs.

I just saw Dick Elliot in an episode of 'Everglades' (1961-62).  He played shopkeeper Mr. Goodacre.




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