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I know this has been talked about but TAGS characters crop up in the strangest places and when you find them you just gotta tell somebody! 

I was just watching an Alfred Hitchcock episode 'How to Get Rid of Your Wife' and lo and behold there was Chester and Skippy and they were in the same scenes together.  It's almost as exciting as finding a new Tom sighting!

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Howard called Clyde’s hand, and Clyde ran off.

Howard had a run in with a tuff guy in the bakery and it dint end so well.

Oh my!  I didn't remember how rough it became.

I wonder if Millie got back together with Clyde after she and Howard called it off.  I have a feeling Clyde wouldn't have minded a Las Vegas honeymoon.

Wait a minute. Maybe it was Millie herself who did that to Howie after the wedding was called off. Hell hath no fury, etc. When Howard was in the bakery, there were two varieties of cream puffs available. 

Prolly cause he was a Mama's boy.

Saw George Lindsey on a 1964 episode of  Gunsmoke last night. Back to playing the mean, not too bright outlaw type again.

I was watching Christmas in Connecticut, and Mayor Pike played a fairly prominent role as a usually jovial judge.  I also spotted Mr. Schwamp, as pointed out in another thread.  He was playing his usual role of a dance extra, but at least he wasn’t in a stag line with a bunch of slouched-over teenaged boys. He also looked pretty much like he did 18 or so years later in TAGS.  But wait, there’s more.....the sheriff in the movie looked a little familiar.  It turns out he was the original Floyd (Walter Baldwin).  Unlike Mr. S, he clearly did look younger.

Mayor Pike, even with his portly physique, gets around! 

Just watched a younger "Miss Lesch" in an Alfred Hitchcock episode "Toby".  She threatened to deck a guy twice her size. She is a feisty one! 

I saw that one. It was about a clock that stopped.

I just saw Will Wright (the “real” Ben Weaver) in the 1949 Best Picture movie “All the King’s Men”.  

Just saw Mayor Stoner in "Treasury Men in Action", a 50's era show that I found at  He plays a cranky father. He is always kind of cranky!




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