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I've been a Andy Griffith Show fan darn near my whole life.  One thing that has always stuck out to me as a difference between classic television shows and today's shows is the increase in continuity of today's shows...

What I mean is, it seems to me that most Ange episodes stand alone.  Seldom did they reference an occurrence from another episode.  They did it, just seldom. 

Please list times that an event from one episode was referenced in another.

I'll start:

Andy once got onto barney about the gypsy items he'd bought and used in Three Wishes for Opie.  I believe he mentioned this in The Lucky Letter...

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I'm sure back in the day, the writters for TAGS did not think, or dream, that 57 years later we would be here discussing the shows.  I suspect if they had, there would have been more thought given to continuity. 

I started watching TAGS when there was no "Re-Run Watcher's Club"  it was the "First-Run Watcher's Club". 

And even the reruns were hard to watch much of until the last 8 years or so when the show went on DVD and now on Netflix. Before that I would have friends tape shows off of cable. Andy Griffith Marathons were good for that, but oh the massive amounts of commercials!

My latest thing is watching selected episodes on No commercials or cost. Just not a lot of episodes.

not to mention all the scenes that were/are cut out for those commercials

Not sure this falls into this thread, but the episode “Opie’s Rival” just does not make sense. 

Andy is to meet Peggy at her house, however, her plans change and she leaves a note for Andy to meet her in front of the drug store.  Opie trashes the note, thus neither Peggy or Andy knows the latest plan. 

With that said, Peggy is waiting “for hours” in front of the drug store, yet, she calls Andy’s house from somewhere.  If she returned home to call Andy’s house, she would have seen Andy waiting.  She shows up later at Andy’s house driving a car.  If Peggy had a car, when Andy did not show up as expected, why did she not just go home.  Mix-up solved. 

Andy, is waiting for Peggy in front of her house, yet, he calls home from somewhere.  Now, the drug store is across the street from the courthouse.  If Andy returned to the courthouse, to call home, he would have seen Peggy in front of the drug house.  Mix-up solved.   



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