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 from the episode "man in a hurry" andy and barney are singing it on the porch when the stranger joins in, ive been to weavers and purchased stuff in the past and have looked thru andys music cds online..i would love to have that song from the show along with many others but i cant seem to find the actual soundtracks from the episodes.. is there a cd with all this out there somewhere..?

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No there isn't.  The music like that on The Andy Griffith Show would be copyrighted so it would not be legal to produce a CD with all the music on it without paying licensing fees to Mayberry Enterprises, INC.  The licensing fees are....pretty high so the odds of making any money from the creation of such a CD is low.  Therefore...nobody wants to take a chance to do something like that because the sales would likely be limited to only "super" fans like's a limited customer base.

You can, however, purchase the season sets and then record the audio for yourself from the video.  That would be legal so long as you don't sell it.

thanks for the reply floyd..figured there was some copyright laws or something...come to think of it, i have used some ernest t tunes before on phone

There are several clips of that version on Youtube, for the time being anyway.  That's probably not much help, except maybe quicker to look up.

On eBay and Amazon, the 1959 vinyl album Andy Griffith "This Here" lists that song, but I'm sure it's different since it's dated before the show.  It even lists "Love Poems: To The Lovely Juanita Beasley."  That poem is also on Youtube and it's NOTHING like Barney's version!

I can still hear my granddaddy singing the bass part to that one at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.  He and the old church building building are both gone, but that deep, rumbling bass lives on in my memory. 

It's a fine song and he was a fine man.  Still miss him...

Where was that church, Thelscuz? I pastor a church in Mt Juliet.

Cloyd's Cumberland Presbyterian Church on West Division--near the cemetery.  They met in a very old white frame church building--probably up to the 1970's or so. (Now they have a fine brick building.) We went to the Baptist Church but everybody visited back and forth in those days.

All us kids went to the Vacation Bible Schools of both churches and everybody visited during the revivals.  The revivals were morning and night for about two weeks back then!

The Mayberry church reminds me very much of Cloyd's old building--except Cloyd's was bigger.  One big room with the Sunday School rooms in the basement.

Where is your church, Larry?  We go to Victory Baptist just down the road from Cloyd's.

Whenever I hear about Vacation Bible School, I get a craving for watered-down orange drink and gingersnap cookies.

Amen, Keevy!  And I hear those piano chords that meant, "Stand up!" or "Sit down!"

Kool-Aid days were great, weren't they?

Our church is on Woodridge Place, immediately behind Celebration Lutheran (near Mt Juliet Middle School) - The name is Abundant Life Church. Chuck Groover is one of my best friends.

My grandparents were married there.

The Little Brown Church

It IS really a small world, isn't it?  "Brother Chuck" is truly a good man.  We're so blessed to have him.

Yes, Larry, I know where your church is.

Who are/were your grandparents, Bobby?  I might know them.  I've lived in Mt. Juliet all my life.

I meant the church in Iowa that the song is about, not the one in Tennessee.  Sorry for the confusion.  This link has the history of that church and song.  Kind of an ironic story.

The Little Brown Church



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