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Cause I know you have all been waiting patiently for this! REVENG

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While you are there, state your favorite and least favorite episode of the 11. And for that Warren-SuperFan out there (You know who you are), you can’t pick ALL as your favorite. Sorry.

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I make no distinction between the color and BW episodes; it's all TAGS and I love 'em all!


Burns was no half pint two bit man in show business although his TAGS character at many times would make Barney put his bullet in his gun. 

The revenge link had me checking the internet for actor facts. Jack is still alive about the age of 86. Thanks, Mayor

My favorite would be "Wyatt Earp Rides Again". It was a very quirky episode and Warren seemed to be a good fit. I enjoy watching this one. Barney's arm would have snapped (like chicken} in that arm-wrastling contest!  

Least favorite would be "Girl Shy". This episode had an odd Twilight Zone feel to it and was not "Mayberryish" at all.  Mostly it was the story I did not like. 

My fav is 'A Warning From Warren', mainly because of Floyd. He's so funny in this ep.
"Sonya Walachaka...I'd like to shake that little girl's hand."

Favourite Warren episode: The Legend of Barney Fife. The way he looks up to Barney, especially after Barney hears how good Andy's new deputy is, is a nice touch. 

Least Favourite Warren episode: The Bazaar or The Cannon (can't split them). He's terribly irritating in both episodes, especially in The Cannon when he keeps on at Andy about firing the said cannon. Although I do watch that episode a lot, and he is only irritating for a couple of minutes. 

I used to find him rather irritating a lot, but I've warmed to him a bit over the years. A bit. 

It would have been a double edged sword for Jack Burns, first getting the gig in TAGS which would have been good for him, but then having to follow Don Knotts, not so good. He really couldn't win. It's no wonder they didn't have a permanent deputy after he [Burns/Ferguson] left.

Has Jack Burns attended or even been invited to any of these TAGS reunion things? He never seems to be held in high regard by the fans (or perhaps even fellow cast members?). In any TAGS retrospectives or books he rarely, if ever, seems to get a mention. It's as though he's been (almost) erased from TAGS history.




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