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Last night I watched the episode where Warren walks in his sleep.  Oh, how I hate that episode!  Now before ya'll get all upset and start chastizing me for being critical tell me the truth--does anybody like this episode?

First of all, I can't stand Warren.  Why they ever got him to play the part of Andy's deputy I'll never know.  Nothing about him was believable, IMO.

Plus, Andy and Helen seemed off-kilter in this episode as well.  Andy's initial reaction to Helen when she told him what happened was way too blase'.  You'd think a good ole Southern boy like
Andy would have been reaching for the gunrack if somebody chased his woman, not standing around talking about it.

Then, Warren's not telling Andy what really happened didn't make sense.  If you've been chasing your boss's fiance and you know it was a sleep-walking incident you'd tell, wouldn't you?  Just not believable at all.

If you compare this episode to the early years' episodes it makes you want to sit down and cry.

Somebody should have nipped the Warren idea in the bud.  In my humble opinion.

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Warren walking in his sleep, Warren believing he has ESP, Warren creating art with mosaic tiles, Warren jailing all those Mayberry ladies... etc etc etc...  not good, not good a'tall!

Still... I give one Warren episode some props. The one where Barney comes back and Warren idolizes him.


The very last episode, which was more the spin-off to Mayberry R.F.D. always seemed like a strange episode to me.  The one where the Italian family comes to visit Sam and they bring their parents.  Just seemed like an akward ending for T.A.G.S.

That's what happens when you run out of things to write about.

Ron Howard was around later when the term "jumping the shark"

became the phrase meaning "it's all over for this sitcom."

I feel that these episodes must have been started before they knew Knotts was leaving.  Either that or they tried to make Warren Barney's total replacement as story lines go.  The eipsodes are pure Barney.  I didn't think Warren was bad.  If they had continued with him the rest of the series would have been just as good or better (who knows).

When Barney Fife screwed things up, it was funny and forgivable because we loved him. Warren was just un-funny and annoying. I feel sorry for Jack Burns. He was great doing standup with Avery Schreiber or George Carlin (there's some trivia fer ye!), but nobody could replace Don Knotts.

I have the same problem with George Lindsay. Nice man, fine actor, but my favorite Mayberry pump jockey is Gomer Pyle. Goober Pyle is like Warren - unfunny, ignorant and annoying. In small doses he's okay, especially with Gomer, but I just never liked the character...if I'd been Andy in Goober Takes A Car Apart I'd have been hard pressed not to use that shotgun!

I watch and enjoy every episode of TAGS, and try to catch RFD when I can, but I own only the first five seasons. I've often wished that they'd release a DVD with all of Knotts' color episodes from seasons 6, 7 & 8...

"Somebody should have nipped the Warren idea in the bud.  In my humble opinion."

I totally agree with you, Thelscuz! The Warren episodes all make me cringe. I think the basic difference between the performances of Don Knotts and Jack Burns is that Burns made the Warren character a buffoon. Knotts had the gift of making Barney Fife seem like a real person, crazy quirks and all, and we all related to him because of it. Warren had no believability, his was just a repetitive shtick. Maybe the fault lay with the producers, who hired a stand-up comic like Burns, instead of another experienced comic actor like Knotts. 

I think you're right, HistoryBuff.  Barney was a multi-faceted character--due in large part, I'm sure, to the comic genius of Don Knotts.

Barney was unpredictable in that, just when you felt like giving up on him, he would do something magnificent.  In spite of his fears, he would face the bad guys.  Or take the time to work with the kids (train Opie), rescue the dogs, or some such.

Relating to him was definitely the key.  Like all of us, he was flawed.  But he kept trying to perfect himself.

What did you think of  the episode The Legend Of Barney Fife ?

Warren -a-n-d- Goober hate? 

Naughty, naughty.

Hate is such a strong word, Big Jeff...let's just say dislike...


Okay, but Goober dislike?

I dont know about this conversation guys I posted a discussion similar to this and Allan didn't like it I recommend well stopping the discussion. it isn't right and I've finally noticed that well each TAGS episode serves a life lesson that values to us or reflects upon us in some level. So all of the TAGS episodes are good in a way and well if we say we like TAGS them that means we are committed to liking in favor off well I guess all of the episodes. So I'd just think about that.  One episode may be a favorite to someone else that you dislike. It's just not in the Mayberry spirit.  There is already enough negative mean hurtful talk going around in the world and well why involve Mayberry in this The Andy Griffith Show is a nice friendly all age TV Show and we should just be thankful on the show being in existence. Keep the negative thoughts to yourself and well be a Mayberry neighbor. How would Andy act if he saw us all  talking like this lets talk about the goodness of TAGS and not all of the opinion stuff that you have focussing on your dislikes of this show. Be a Mayberry neighbor and well don't have Andy and Barney arrest you for unlawful assembly and loitering and mean talk. And Welcome to Mayberry "The Friendly Town" . 




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