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I believe there was an old discussion of this nature, but it is probably buried a bit, so I will start a new one. What are some things you wonder about?

I wonder what the "T" in Ernest T. Bass stands for?

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Well, in their defense, they did have "Maximum Security". Keys in the drawer. 

Did you say 'drawer' or 'door' cause I thought you said 'door'.

When Andy has to deliver Sam the farmer's new son, Barney keeps Sam occupied with at least 17 Army stories.  He begins with "I did my part to beat the dreaded hun."  How many people would know what that meant ?  The writers put things like that in often that I think only they and a small no. in the audience would have any clue as to what they meant.  Why did they do that ?

I think phrases like that were very well known at the time but the producers and writers had no idea that America would be watching reruns over sixty years later and after the phrase had long been discarded by society. I catch a lot of instances of accepted idioms that have gone by the wayside. 

If you were to read up on General Patton, you would know the term "hun"! But not too many are doing that these days. 

I wonder where the other 5300 people of Mayberry were hiding. The population is reported to be 5360. The most I had seen were greeting the gold truck and also the ones at the train station to meet Teena Andrews. Maybe 60 at the most. 

     I used to wonder whether Aunt Bee got a pilot's license until my friend took flying lessons. You can solo as a test, but you don't get a pilot's license until you pass a really difficult written exam. That is why we never see Aunt Bee fly again. Once she soloed, she was satisfied.

   Perhaps I didn't pay enough attention, but were all the vehicles in Mayberry automatic? Even the trucks? The body movement of the driver of a manual vehicle is different from that of the driver of an automatic.

Why would a gold truck leave Denver, come thru Mayberry (middle of NC) to get to Fort Knox.

Cause it was COLD, COLD! I didn't say gold. 

Another question: Who is Laura Lee Hobbs? 

I wonder, too.  All we know is Laura Lee worked at the Five& Dime and could be trusted to spread the word about Mayberry happenings.  I have a strong feeling she's friends with Juanita.

I wonder what all those single girls who came to the "softball" meeting at Andy's house do for a living?

I always wondered what happened to Ed Sawyer, “Ths Stranger in Town?”  He was all set to date Lucy Matthews and buy Georgetown Sappley’s Gas Station...Hmmm?




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