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I believe there was an old discussion of this nature, but it is probably buried a bit, so I will start a new one. What are some things you wonder about?

I wonder what the "T" in Ernest T. Bass stands for?

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I always wondered why Aunt Bee's name is spelled B-E-E when her name is Beatrice. The common spelling I believe is B-E-A.  Maybe it was from her boxing days where she was known to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

I think it is because she is busy like a bee. 

I wonder who cuts Floyd's hair?

All the cats in the neighborhood gang up on him once a month!

I wonder why it is that no one in Mayberry is married except for Otis and he was drunk half the time and never went home. Doesn't say a lot for the institution of marriage.

I thought about this when I saw it a while back. Here's 30 married couples to debunk the "not married" on TAGS:

1. Mayor Stoner and Wife
2. Mayor Pike and Wife
3. Sam & Becker Lilly
4. Emmett Clark & Martha.
5. Otis and Rita Campbell
6. Ralph & Verlaine Campbell
7. Floyd Lawson and Melba
8. Fred and Jenny Boone
9. Sam and Clara Lindsey
10. Maudie & Naylor
11. Uncle Ollie & Aunt Nora
12. Charlene & Dud Wash
13. Tate & Cornelia Fletcher
14. Mr. & Mrs. Rafe Hollister
15. Mr. & Mrs. Parnell Rigsby
16. Lester and Helen Scoby,
17. Sam and Bess Muggins
18. Tom and Annabelle Silby
19. Mrs and Mrs. Nate Bracey
20. Harry and Ramona Bectoris
21. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Haynes
22. Josh Wakefield & Hanna Carter
23. Rose and Wilbur Pine(S1E1)
24. Mr. and Mrs. Harold (Sue) Grigsby
25. Mr. And Mrs. Harry (Lila) Simms
26. Orville Hendricks and wife
27. Jess Morgan and his wife
28. Jim Summers and his wife (wins sack race) S1E5
29. Old Man Burdette (complaint against) Old Lady Burdette S1E5
30. Mr. & Mrs. George Foley ( from Eastmont)
31. George and Gladys (con Melissa Stephens)

I always wondered why the opening theme of the show was 2 steps higher than the closing theme.

I always wonder why Barney and Thelma Lou didn't stay in touch (or marry before his move to Raleigh).  Even though I know they finally got hitched--just think of the years they wasted:(

Check my post above Thelscuz. The folks in Mayberry were real, real careful about hitchin' to one another.

I think I have it Mrs. M. I think its because Barney couldn't talk Thelma Lou into moving into the corner room at the Y.

I wonder how Helen managed to get reassigned to the next grade higher at the school, each and every year. She must have spent most of her summers prepping for the new grade she was to teach!

Well, we know for a fact that Count Istvan Teleky was responsible for ONE of these!



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