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I believe there was an old discussion of this nature, but it is probably buried a bit, so I will start a new one. What are some things you wonder about?

I wonder what the "T" in Ernest T. Bass stands for?

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Why Barney doesn't mention his Mother more often? We saw her only once. How did Andy's wife die? Did they buy the house together or did she have life insurance that helped him buy it?  Why did Aunt Bee never marry? Who were all those youngun's Aunt Bea looked after that were grown in the New Housekeeper and where are they now and why don't they visit? Why didn't Barney and Thelma Lou marry? (Personally I ignore the fact that the storyline shows they didn't marry. When I can't sleep at night I imagine how it went when they did marry much younger than in Return to Mayberry and had children together. They had 3 girls in case you're wondering, and Barney and his Mother inherited money from an aunt not shown in the series that helped Barney and Thelma Lou buy a house, beause Thelma Lou rented. Barney's mother moved to Florida and they visited her a lot with Andy and Helen. And Andy and Helen never moved away. One of Barney's girls married A.J. (Andy Jr.))

Aunt Bee happens to be very picky. Eight suitors and who knows how many before Season 1! See

What really happened to all that Miracle Salve?

Maybe Andy sold the lot to Colonel Harvey, who wanted to expand his product line.

Yea, I bet he told unsuspecting buyers that it cured the versitis or something.

Or maybe Andy sold it all to Mr. Finch, the shoe salesman from New York.

I always wondered how, in "The Big House", after spotting the two cops in the dead-end alley from the rooftop, Barney managed to get in behind them - two feet behind them, mind you!?!? In the back of the dead-end alley! Even if he came through a did they not know he was there?!?!

Also - I wonder how the stage assistant can be heard giving Barney his queue to jump up from behind the crates...and not have that cut/redone during editing? He shouts "Don!", clearly audible, as the cops are standing up to move closer to the street.

That always puzzled me....

Maybe  the "T" in Ernest T. Bass stands for "Thrower of Rocks":)

OK - here's a good (or is it bad?) one! Season 4, Ep 14: "Andy and Opie's Pal".

After he catches the boys rough-housing, Andy says "You all got to get some sleep. I know - one of you come in my room".

Opie says "OK, Pa" and starts to walk away, but Andy stops him and says "No, no - wait a minute. You go, Trey. You stay in your own bed".

I gotta admit - even when I saw that for the first time as a kid in the 70's, it kinda creeped me out!

Why in the world would Andy do that -- and could you imagine anyone doing that today?!?!?!?!

Anyone else ever wonder about that?

Yes, that has preyed on my mind some but it was a necessary device to further the plot of the show. If he had taken Opie to his room, then Opie wouldn't have seen Andy getting Trey the pie which intensified his jealousy. You're right, that sure wouldn't fly today!

Andy does say that he’ll bring Trey back when he falls asleep.  Today, however, they likely would have made that clearer.

So exactly what did Barney’s mom and dad do before Barney bought them that septic tank for their anniversary?



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