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While most folks in Mayberry stay pretty well put, they do occasionally make a journey--for business or for pleasure.  Let's think about some of the travelin' the occupants of the friendly town have done.  And if we can recall, let's mention WHY they made the trip.

Guess the most famous, or at least the most eventful, trip would have to be Andy and Barney's trip to Raleigh where ole Barn nabbed the jewel thief--even though it wasn't exactly the thief he expected.  This was truly a trip to remember.  After all, a guy doesn't dine on "snails and brains" every day of the week.  That Barney Fife sure knows how to live!

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What's her name's daddy took her sister (the one with the big teeth) down to Nashville to the dentist.  Would you trust a dentist who had an office in back of a store?

Andy and Barney made a trip up in the mountains to see the Darlings and take care of Ernest T. Bass.

Andy was invited to the very exclusive Esquire Club in Raleigh. Of course he took his BFF Barney Fife along. Unfortunately, ol' Barn's lack of knowledge about stocks, golf, and Baked Alaska doomed his chances of becoming a member. That secret FBI handshake will only get you so far.

Andy and Barney started to New Orleans once.  Unfortunately, they had to see their car for $15.  Probably just as well.  As Andy said, folks probably wouldn't have wanted them camping out in New Orleans anyway.

Howard, Millie, Andy and Helen took a trip to West Virginia to meet Millie's parents. Fortunately, Millie's base desire to go to Las Vegas and gamble, came up while they were talking honeymoons and Howard was spared from being mismatched with a crazy, wild woman and Millie was spared from listening to Howard brush his teeth for ten minutes every night for the rest of her life.

I can't help but wonder where Ma Sprague was at this time. She hadn't remarried yet and was still living with Howard, or rather he was still living with her. How could she let her darling boy marry a mere bakery clerk? That doesn't seem like the Mrs. Sprague we all know and love. It was during the wedding trip that we learned how "frugal" Howard was. Talk about a cheapskate, Howie made Jack Benny look like a big spender. So Milly was lucky that she didn't chain herself to a lifetime of water and toothpicks for dinner.

Barn sometimes liked to spend his vacation at the Y in Raleigh, where they roll up the sidewalks two hours later than Mayberry. While there he liked to go to the restaurant where the waitresses wore peek-a-boo outfits. That fact seemed to excite Floyd quite a bit.

I may not have the particulars right but I think it was Dixie Belle Edwards and Mary Pleasant who took a vacation to Great Dismal Swamp to hunt black bear. 

In Season 6, Aunt Bee the Swinger, John Canfield and Bee go to dinner at The Reef restaurant in Nags Head. I'm not sure how they did that, though, since Nags Head is over three hundred miles from the Mt. Airy area of North Carolina.

Then there was that terrible trip to Mexico Aunt Bee won.  She almost wound up losing two of her BFF's!  Thank goodness the photos saved the day:)

Then there was the trip Otis had when he stepped on his jacket and fell in "Otis Sues The County".

According to Floyd. . . he fell down.

Emmett likes to vacation in Akron Ohio.



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