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I'm noticing after seemingly endless shows from the pre-1964 era, cable subscribers are being treated to episodes not shown for eons, such as the second high school reunion and when Aunt Bea files a lost ring insurance claim. Shazam !

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Get Amazon Prime and you can view all the episodes you want on a smart tv or computer. And get free next day shipping on just about everything!

That sounds like an ad, mayor. You politicians are all alike. How many shares of Amazon do you own?

Citizen's arrest, citizen's arrest !!!

They probably contributed to his last campaign.

No comment.

Has anyone else noticed how TV Land speeds up the episodes ever so slightly so they can cram in more second commercials? I rarely watch TAGS on anything other than my DVDs but was surfing recently and stopped on a TV Land broadcast. It's most noticeable to me when Barney is speaking, his voice is higher than normal.

Fast forward: Networks speed up TV shows to play more ads

TvLand cheats us in several ways. MeTV does a better job, and the Sundance Network has great Saturday marathons.

I gave up watching tv with commercials. If Tags ever gets yanked from netflix I will probably just beef up my dvd collection until it is complete, or do the amazon thing. Those TV stations can brutilize a show with those dang commercials. I about wore out the mute button on my remote from those annoying breaks every few minutes. And they DO edit the shows to conform to thier own liking for whatever reason. There should be a law against it. 

Same here, Franklin. Rarely watch commercial TV anymore unless it's a peek at the weather channel if something's brewing. Funny though, just last night I watched a 90 minute show on Amazon with nothing but commercials from the 50s and 60s. Go figure.

Commercials are often the best TV has to offer.

Newton Minnow, formerly with the FCC, had a classic quote referring to television as a "vast wasteland."

I never noticed the faster speed of the episodes, Keevy, but it's obvious that they cut a lot out of the episodes to cram more commercials in, as you say.  Sometimes seems more like a half hour of commercials with some Andy thrown in.

Oddly enough, I've seen scenes lately, in the afternoon episodes, that I haven't seen in ages.  They look like scenes that maybe the editors didn't think added much to the episode, like a conversation, a side issue, or something of that nature.  I like that, because to me there's nothing insignificant about any Andy episode.



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