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I’m not sure if this has been discussed before, or even if you wish to discuss it. Collectively, the forum members hold a vast knowledge of the citizens of Mayberry. Over time, we have learned many things about citizens that we have never seen. As example,
“Juanita Juanita Juanit”, works as a waitress where the trucks all stop thus requires Barney to make “trouble checks”.
Sara or Sarah, Telephone exchange operator with several ailments that require “soaking”. We also know she “takes a pinch of snuff now and then.”
Who else do we know, and what is their uniqueness? This could also be done in the form of a quiz.

Who works at the “lingerie shop” and the subject of town gossip?

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And Laura Lee Hobbs down at the dime-store. She told Gomer about the gold shipment that was gonna be coming through. 

Buzzy Leonard. Andy stumbled upon the grill work of his car while at the junk yard looking for Barney's chain letter.

Vicky Harms took Barney's snow-cone, bit off the bottom end, sipped out all the raspberry syrup and handed it back to him leaving him with nothing but the ice. 

Sam Burton---A drinking man, Don't strike a match if he is breathing your way.  But, Mrs. Burton never complains.  (The Shoplifter)  

When I started this thread, I did not realize there were so many un-seen Mayberry citizens.  It seems one is mentioned in every episode.  

Harley (last name unknown) dams up "snake skin creek."  Andy is going to blow the dam up with dynamite if he does not remove it.  Snake skin creek belongs to the county not Harley.  (Andy's Vacation)

A rare moment when “cool” Andy loses his patience.

In Mr McBeavey Andy tells Opie that the hatchet he has must have come from Mr Edinger’s carpenter shop. There’s another one for ya. I agree, they do seem to be endless. 

They do indeed, Franklin.  I think that's one reason we feel so at home in Mayberry.  WE are some of the unseen citizens, in a very real way!

Jubal,  What a nice thing to say.  I've never thought of it like that, but you are so right.  That is why we hang around this forum, we are all citizens of Mayberry.  THANK YOU

Johnny Paul Jason, Opie's source of all things wise. 

What is it we all do yet, Johnny Paul Jason "gets by" not doing May and June each year?  

Though I thought it was April and May - breathin'!  Damn lergics.

George, I think you are correct on the months, my OLD mind has CRS.  Anyway, Johnny Paul can't breath for most of the spring due to the flower dust getting the legs of bees.  




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