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Mayberry Days is fast approaching and we need to schedule a time to have our annual WBMUTBB/iMayberry Community meet up.

Friday (26 Sept 2014) following the trivia contest is our normal time to meet so let's make that the plan.

The usual schedule for Friday afternoon is as follows...

     2:30p Pie Eating
     3:30-4:30 Minute Man Trivia
     4:30-5:30 TAGS Trivia
     FOLLOWING Trivia - WBMUTBB Chapter/iMayberry Community Meet Up and photo taking
     7p James Gregory
     7:30p Amphitheater show of some kind
     9:00 pm VW Boys concert at the Cinema

Please make plans to be at the trivia and we'll meet right after to say "Hey" and take the annual chapter photo. 

NOTE:  Jan isn't going to be able to attend Mayberry Days this year so we'll need a photographer who can take the chapter photo and e-mail me a copy for posting to the web.

I will announce from the stage exactly we'll meet but I'm going to shoot for some level ground so we can actually visit a bit before we head off for dinner and return for the 7pm show at the Andy Griffith Playhouse.

It's gonna be BIG!


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Can't wait to see everybody...Neh-Ku...Yuta-Hey...Sha-Shawnee.

Stop it, Col.  You're making me crazy!

We have tickets to Rodney's show at 2; I trust it will be over by 4:30.

The meet-up won't happen until the trivia is over so you should make it easy to the meet-up even if you can't make it to the trivia.

Thanks Allan. I'm sorry Jan can't make it, but I'm looking forward to seeing you.
Everybody get ready for the Trivia Contest. It's gonna be a Doozy!

Have fun and post some photos please!  I am about 1200 miles away but maybe someday when I am retired!

Photos!  Photos!  We want photos!  Thanks in advance, folks.

You mean "Prints! Prints! What we need are prints!" . . . .

Citizen's Arrest ;)

The iMayberry Community, Digest and TAGSRWC folks gather at Mayberry Days 2014 to say "hello" to one another.  After all, we are "A Friendly Town!"

What a great photo!  Now, will somebody post one with the names included?  Recognize some of you but haven't gotten acquainted with many others.  Yes, Col, TAGS is the friendly town--the friendliest town in the world, if you ask me!

I see Floyd, Colonel Harvey, and Briscoe Darling! Thanks for posting the pic!




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