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Some folks in Mayberry seem like they don't do ANYTHING for a living.  They must have some source of income, though.  And there are some very interesting occupations in The Friendly Town.  Let's name the person and what they do for a living.  If we don't know for sure we could mention clues as to what the occupation might be:

I'll start with an easy one:

Thelma Lou "works at the office."

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Old Man Schwump must have been a "Census Taker."  He was always just sitting around watching people go by.

Did we mention Juanita?  You know, she works where all the truckers stop.  And she has a real soft spot for guys who can imitate roosters and play the harmonica.

Orville Monroe is an undertaker.  (He used to repair TV's until I bought out that part of the business - but I didn't buy his delivery hearse vehicle.)

Freeburger:  He was a Sewer inspector.  He arrested Barney's father once.  Andy said, "Maybe he was speeding in the sewer."  

Andy also said that if you looked close enough, that Freeburger's badge had a little Manhole Cover in the center of it.

Ed had a refrigeration business.

Gomer discovered that Ed's Refrigeration serviced Aunt Bee's freezer on March 3, 1951.

Although he doesn't live in Mayberry, he has strong ties to someone who does:  Aunt Bee's brother goes all around the world on a ship as a "Wiper."  He just wipes and wipes.  Something about a girl back in his home town.  But we don't talk about that, don't you know.

And then there was "the man". He was the only person in a 50 mile radius that did refrigeration repair. Was "the man" Ed perhaps?

As Andy often says "Call the man!"

Then there was Malcom Tucker. He was in charge of Tucker Enterprises, and he was in a hurry.  

He also owned Foster Furniture Polish...must have been a front for gamblin', maybe that's why he changed his name from Tucker...

Aunt Bee was a home maker.
Aunt Bee was a warden once too. "Bloody Mary". Otis was miserable.

Elmo ran the sporting goods/camera shop.

Aunt Bee also tried her hand as the co-owner of a Chinese restaurant. Things were going well until she took her fortune cookie fortune too seriously, so she sold out.




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