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I take it that it was a color episode. That is quite a funky couch. Just a wild guess - “Taylor’s in Hollywood”or “The Hollywood Party”?

If those are not correct, then I believe this might be “Barney Comes to Mayberry”.

I should have been clearer, Mayor. This is just a random Google image intended as a clue to the episode in question.

Ok. Could you provide another picture or hint?

A Date for Gomer?

There is an episode where someone mentions "plastic covers" on furniture. I don't know off my head which episode that is.  

Looks like you found something to help solve this mystery, Shorty! 

Cept I don’t recall such an episode.

Opie Steps Up in Class???

Looks like Shorty has a handle on it. The ep is 'Opie's Newspaper'. Barney is sharing some gossip about the Widow Saunders he overheard in the barbershop with Andy and says :

"She spent ninety-seven dollars on new slipcovers for the living room furniture. Here's Wilbur barely cold in the ground and her and her boyfriend are settin' up till all hours of the night on slip covers *HE* paid for."

This is TAGS finest moment, imo, and one of the longest scenes, too. May even be the longest.

Here is a new one. Based on the clue below, what episode did I just watch?

I’d say the Soup Nazi, but that’s the wrong show.   Is that soup or gravy?

It is gravy alright, no joke about it.

Auhhh  Gravy it is,  I thought it was soup...but, one should not mix cleaning chemicals with gravy.  Gravy stains is not joke.  Nor, is rows of buttons and taffeta.



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