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I’ll take another stab. “Bookie Barber.”  (Two chairs, no waiting?)

No, not that one.  Next clue.....Barney is involved, along with someone who doesn’t ride a bike.

Man oh man I tell ya my thinkin bucket is flat-worn-out.  This one really has me stumped good.  

Well, I hope having a tough one isn’t too annoying for folks.  Next clue tomorrow.

Next clue.....

”Blue and green - you know, that’s the latest.”

Oh okay, my first thought is Thel and Barney looking in a store window at a furniture display and they both realize that marriage is pretty much a given. Later;   Barney regrets saying he "has that girl in his hip pocket" 

Was it Barney and ThelmaLou,  fttt.   ?   

Along with one of the rules for a happy ladies in the den.  You got it, Franklin!

Barney shoulda popped the question right then and there.  That always irritated me the fact that he never asked for her hand in marriage. 

But, yup.   He wanted his den, and the chair needed to be solid too.  

About your picture; those wicker chairs had me thinkin maybe it had something to do with Andy's porch, then I remmebred Floyd sitting in a wicker chair in front of the fillin station when Newton Monroe sold him a new watch and Newton commented on his green pants and sport shoes. "Sort of a symphony"    I couldn't put it together until that last clue.  There was no way I was get it without that last clue. 

Good one Bernie!  

Don't forget "the smell of a dog"

OK, time for another! What episode did I just watch?

If I had a quarter million or at least a power ball ticket!

You got it Shorty. Every law officer ought to know the FBI handshake!




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"I’ll take a long shot with “The Gypsies”, being there’s a dry spell."
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"You’re walking through the woods one day and come upon a river which is quite low due to a…"
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"This must be from “The Guitar Player” when Andy compliments Jim Lindsey’s guitar…"
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"My first guess would be Barney’s Bloodhound, but something tells me there is some deeper…"
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"Saw Opie on The Twilight Zone.  Episode called: “Walking Distance”  A New…"
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"What episode did I just watch?"

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