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What Mayberry characters do you wish you could have seen more of?

Ever have a favorite episode and say 'the casting director really nailed that one'? Like, who would have made a better Briscoe Darling than Denver Pyle? Or, a better mayor than Mayor Pike? Or a more crotchety old skin-flint than the original Ben Weaver? Many of the character actors in the series were spot on. And it seems like the very best of them only appeared in two or three episodes. So, who is it you wished you could have seen more of. Outside of the three above, I wish Lydia would have been in more episodes. Her dry personality contrasted so well with the regular characters I think they could have written her in, in half the episodes and added to the charm of the series. What do you think?

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Peggy has always been my favorite girl for Andy. 

My vote is Peg also. - Just saw her yesterday on an episode of "Gunsmoke".

I always thought there was more potential with the Morrison sisters. But yeah, Lydia is special. But maybe she was limited regarding the number of scenes in which she could appear: after all, the sun gives her the herpes. 

Lydia seems a perfect fit for Barney. Both had more than their fair share of personal problems.

They do share the burden of odd personalities, but Barney giving up Thelma Lou for Lydia would be like him and Andy trading Clara’s pickles for Aunt Bee’s.

Not so sure I meant Barney-Lydia. In fact, cannot believe I posted that.

I saw another one today I'd like to add to the list. Olive. Remember the waitress at the Diner when ETB escapes from jail and Barney asks the guy sitting next to him to pass him the sugar and it's the rock-chucking scofflaw himself? I think Olive deserved a larger presence in TAGS than just the one scene. 

Was there not yet another waitress who Gomer (or Goober) fell for, and she fell for Andy instead? Was a different diner. 

We never saw her, but I know I would have enjoyed seeing Myra Kuntz from the Lingerie Shop.  Barney's smile tell us that.  

I think Myra was mentioned in only one story; meanwhile actress Mary Lansing we DID see working in that shop, selling the bed jacket and also a grown woman's nylons to little Opie (I never quite understood why that sale was made)

"actress Mary Lansing"

Wasn't she Emmet's wife?

You are correct, Emmet's wife. Mary was in numerous episodes, a regular irregular regular.




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