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What Mayberry characters do you wish you could have seen more of?

Ever have a favorite episode and say 'the casting director really nailed that one'? Like, who would have made a better Briscoe Darling than Denver Pyle? Or, a better mayor than Mayor Pike? Or a more crotchety old skin-flint than the original Ben Weaver? Many of the character actors in the series were spot on. And it seems like the very best of them only appeared in two or three episodes. So, who is it you wished you could have seen more of. Outside of the three above, I wish Lydia would have been in more episodes. Her dry personality contrasted so well with the regular characters I think they could have written her in, in half the episodes and added to the charm of the series. What do you think?

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More of Lydia would have been a good idea, my vote goes for Ellie Walker, I liked her more than all the other Love interest of Andy.


Old Ben Weaver (Will Wright).  Lydia, yes. But but but Ellie all the way! Did I mention Ellie Walker? Times ten. And cute little Rhonda Jeter very well could have grown with Opie all along, been a regular "puppy crush."

I did some research several years ago on Elenor Donahue. I guess the producers fully intended to make her Andy's regular steady on the show. There was evidently a miscommunication between her agent and the producers, and she believed that she was to get higher billing than what they gave her. She had all that "Father Knows Best" exposure and had already made quite a name for herself before TAGS.

It created a lot of tension on the set. Later she admitted that she was never comfortable working with Andy Griffith and it was really hard for her to do many of the scenes with him, especially the huggie kissy ones. 

Elenor Donahue is an excellent actress and, if you didn't know, quite a dancer too. Her filmography has over 100 credits, starting in 1943 and going up to 2011. She has worked in TV, Film and Broadway.

Thanks, Dud. Let's start trying to list everyone who is still with us. Ellie, Thelma Lou and Opie. Anyone else?

Leon is still around and Charlene Darling-Wash (Maggie Peterson)

Since you brought it up, who were "all the other" love interests of Andy? I keep coming up with just the two.

There were two nurse Mary's in the early episodes. One wanted to give Raif Hollister his shot and the other, Barney kept barging in on their courtin'. Then there was Peggy. I think she was a nurse too (You know what they say about nurses Andy.) Then there was his cousin who came for a visit when she and her boyfriend had a spell. She kissed him right on the mouth. I think Daphne (aka fun girl number 1) had the hots for Andy but I don't think it went very far but he did take a punch in the eye for her honor. Then there was that one date with Lydia but she blew it when she kept sticking her head out the window like a dog. There's probably a few I'm leaving out. I'll have to take a thank under my bucket and maybe some more will come to me.


Good, Dud. I loved both Nurse Marys, Julie Adams and Sue Ann Langdon. You are in the lead to win the 1981 Hugo.

Don't forget, Elaine Joyce, (I think that is her name) The blonde Andy took out when he was ticked at Helen. (Wasn't it Helen?)  

Yes indeed, it was in "Helen, the Authoress" and it was Elaine Joyce as Mavis Neff.

There was Thelma Lou's skeet shooting cousin, Karen. I liked his rapport with her--but Ellie wins for me (with Peggy a close second---if only the way she says "trees, the lake" in that raspy voice). 

Forgot about Karen. That love affair was doomed.




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