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This topic is WAY out of my league so I won't even contribute one to prime the pump.  But I do believe this will be fun for all you auto-oriented TAGS fans.  Let's list actual vehicles that appeared on the show by make and model, if possible.  Plus, we can add any references to automobiles made by the citizens of The Friendly Town.  Even TV commercials for cars/trucks or magazine ads for them are fair game.  Well, shucks, let's open it up to even a mention of an automaker on the show.  No telling what may come driving by....

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F.O.R.D. Fix Or Repair Daily

Hey, watch it Rare!  My hubby worked at the Ford Glass Plant in Nashville for over 45 years!  I will say, though, that in the early years he and the guys who worked in the same crew often somehow cooked steaks on the line.  (I have no idea how-- part of the process where the molten glass came down, I guess.)

I told him several times as he would be leaving for work on the evening shift that someday somebody would buy a new FORD with a T-bone embedded in the windshield!!  

Any of those cars look "medium-rare"? 

My cousin used to say Fastest ORace  Day!

Good point, Dave:)

My friends used to say Found On Road Dead and Flip Over Read Directions.

Sorry Thel

Although these next 2 cars were not on the show, they were a couple of cars that Andy Griffith owned. This first one was on display at Kruse Car Museum in Auburn, IN about 10 years ago.

This is a 1976 Lincoln Continental Town Car Limousine and was originally purchased by Andy Griffith. It was being sold on Ebay in 2010.

I find myself looking at the "background" more often and when I see a auto, I first say, "Wish I had that car" then ask myself, "Wonder where that car is today".  Not one like it, but "that car". 

Does anyone else have that conversation with themselves. 


Another vehicle on the show besides a Ford. There was an episode where there was a Volkswagon parked along the curb near the Courthouse. Can somebody name the episode.

A German car?  In Mayberry?  Think it belonged to that old guy who was on the wrong side back in WWI?  Wasn't he the guy who taught Barney the importance of polishing the back of his shoes?  (After all, that's the last thing people see when you leave....)

Otis once drove a COW into town.

In "The Guitar Player Returns", Jim Lindsey pulls up in front of the courthouse in a red '56 Mercedes-Benz 190SL convertible with "all kinds of knobs and leather upholstery."

That was one seriously sweet ride - especially in Mayberry!

(Well, you make it - you spend it!)

There was a nice looking Ford Mustang in the episode where Goober buys Wally's gas station. Goober the Executive was the episode.




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