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Here is one that might stretch the imagination.  If Mayberry were a real town what would it look like today? 

Here are a few of my imaginings:

I can see Floyd's Barber Shop (which later became Emmet's Fix It Shop) might now be a used CD/Movie/Comic Book exchange in the front with aTatoo Parlor in the back. "Mayberry Movie and Ink" Owned by Goober's son Clint.  Clint is canvased with tats, wears a bandanna, leather vest , rides a Harley, has been married three times, fathered five children and is currently looking for his fourth wife.

The Junction Cafe (where all the truckers went to talk to Juanita) has been replaced by a Walmart complete with a Starbucks, McDonalds and free WiFi.  This drove Weaver's Dept. Store and out of business back in the 90's.  Weaver's is now ???  Anybody??






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Two Asian ladies are operating a nail business, but the men of Mayberry don't appreciate the long fake nails and it may go out of business.

Honestly, Unless it became a Dollar Store, it probably is just an empty building.  Someone has surely started a mini-mall on the outskirts of town.

I was thinking a dollar store or maybe a Goodwill type used clothing store.

Unfortunately it would have a Wal-Mart near by and really tick off ol' Ben Weaver.

When I was through there last year, the north end had been sectioned off for a "Paychex Loan Co." and the rest had been a consignment shop.  As I stood crying, near the spot where Andy had weighed the "sweet little old lady", I swear I heard Ben singing "Away in a Manger".

I think Wally's would be closed down completely.  When the EPA made them pull the tanks out of the ground in the 80's that pretty much made the business untenable.  So the pumps have long been removed, the grease pit filled in, weeds are grown up all around the building and the windows that aren't broken out have been spray painted with graffiti by the local highschoolers who spend afternoons out back smoking.

What about the Grand?  Mayberry Hotel?  The Bluebird?

Oh, Dud!  That makes me cry!  Sniff!  Sniff!

And the furniture factory couldn't compete with the Mexicans and the Chinese so it had to close down.  The owners couldn't bear to turn it over to the Fed for delinquent taxes so they burned it to the ground.  Now it is an empty lot where the Farmer's Market  occasionally sells produce and traveling vendors sell rugs and sunglasses.


... and they had to cut down the old Oak tree in the middle of the street so they could replace the aging sewer lines. 

Sob, sob.  I'm with you, Susan.  But some of the good parts of Mayberry still survive.

  The church has grown so much that they had to build on a new wing and now have two services--one contemporary and one traditional--on Sunday mornings.  The community choir, surprisingly, is still going strong.  Once a year they put on a fundraiser to help send their friends in the town band off to the competition.  (The Town Council stopped funding the trip after some members of a traveling religion pulled a trick on the mayor.) 

The older parts of town are still quiet and its streets lightly-traveled.  Front-porch sitting is a favorite pastime to this day.   And if you listen real close sometimes on a still summer evening you can hear a guitar strumming and two male voices singing harmony.... 

Nice touch Thel



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