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Here is one that might stretch the imagination.  If Mayberry were a real town what would it look like today? 

Here are a few of my imaginings:

I can see Floyd's Barber Shop (which later became Emmet's Fix It Shop) might now be a used CD/Movie/Comic Book exchange in the front with aTatoo Parlor in the back. "Mayberry Movie and Ink" Owned by Goober's son Clint.  Clint is canvased with tats, wears a bandanna, leather vest , rides a Harley, has been married three times, fathered five children and is currently looking for his fourth wife.

The Junction Cafe (where all the truckers went to talk to Juanita) has been replaced by a Walmart complete with a Starbucks, McDonalds and free WiFi.  This drove Weaver's Dept. Store and out of business back in the 90's.  Weaver's is now ???  Anybody??






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Amen, P.C.  And the REAL Mayberry, the one we know and love (and imagine) will never change.  It will always be 1960-something, Andy will be Sheriff, Barney his deputy, Floyd will be cutting hair, and Aunt Bee taking care of Opie.  Goober will still be pumping that cheap gas and Thel going to the office.  Surely, by now, though, Helen will have been promoted to Principal.  Can't picture Miss Crump, soon to become Mrs. Taylor, being satisfied with her teaching position forever.  Too much drive in that woman!

I thought a handicap ramp, free wifi and drive up ATM were kind of good things.  Okay... let's rip them all out but somebody's gonna have to help Otis get his wheelchair in the courthouse on Friday and Saturday night.

I also grew up in a small town (pop. 5,000) that I remember being a lot like Mayberry and all of those things did happen.  The small filling stations all were driven out of business by large oil companies, all the factories closed down, unemployment skyrocketed (that's why I don't live there anymore)  and all but two restaurants closed.  Wallmart moved in and drove all of the downtown clothing, hardware and drug stores out of business.  Small farms were swallowed up by larger ones.  All of the old schools have been torn down and colsolidated.  They even ripped out every elm tree on Washington street so they could update the serwers. The only people who live there now are the retired and the minimum wage poor.  It IS sad. The only small towns that can survive unscathed I think are those that have some sort of tourist draw, Mt. Airy being a case in point.

Dud, that story puts me in mind of this song by David Wilcox.

The soda fountain inside Walkers would have to close down. I mean how could Miss Ellie compete with all those Early Bird specials at that new place down the street...the Sonic Drive-In. Just think of the Blasts they would feature: the Nectarine Crush Blast, the Barney's Bullet Blast, the Mulberry Squeezins Blast, the Ernest T Bass Blast and of course that High Octane Ethyl Blast.

I'm trying to place Andy, Barn, Thel & Helen at McDonalds!  I can't see Andy with a cell phone or Barney on a computer!

Well, today they would all be in their mid to late 80s. 

Barney: "Hey Ange, how do I update my Facebook status again?  I want to tell the gang back at the rest home I won the heating pad at bingo"

One thng's for sure......the way Barney defied the Mafia, the Mafia wouldn't be there!

If he would have ran a 9-11 on Helen he might have found out she had mob ties, at least by association.

My job often takes me into areas with very small towns like Mayberry where nothing really physical has changed for 50 years or more.

Well Keevy, its like this...<rocking back and forth heel to toe, thumbs in gunbelt>

During our lives we travel many roads.  Some roads lead to small towns while other roads lead to big towns.  Ours is not to question why... ours is just to make out citations and to put lids back on trash cans.

Being I came from a small town Southern Pines NC. (1954 to 1963) I can remember things about down town, like the movie theater which showed one movie and still in operation. Some of the stores which were 5 and 10, dress, furniture and a pharmacy where you drop off your film to get develop and have a soda. The banks, the doctor's office building, the library and the post office. The railroad ran down through the middle of down town with the station so main street was two different streets one way. The police station was next to the park and had two police cars. The fire station had a building with two fire trucks and the old building outback with a 1920 engine and 1950 pickup truck. School was a one block complex of five buildings where one building was the middle and high school, a gymnasium, cafeteria on bottom floor and auditorium top floor building, a music building and the elementary building. That's all changed after a new middle and high school was build else where and the old complex is now all elementary.

In 2003 I traveled from Maryland to a show in Raleigh then to Southern Pines and seen the many changes and places my parents and my brother and myself lived while there. Some of the changes can be seen on google maps. I can think Mayberry would have the same type of changes in downtown with shopping centers outside of town. There could be a new police station and fire station.  I have seen other small towns in Ohio where my mother is from and Virginia where my brother and his family live. Some changes and sometimes just little improvements but must keep the old look to preserve the history of the town.   

The stamp machine in the post office has been replaced by a kiosk.



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