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Here is one that might stretch the imagination.  If Mayberry were a real town what would it look like today? 

Here are a few of my imaginings:

I can see Floyd's Barber Shop (which later became Emmet's Fix It Shop) might now be a used CD/Movie/Comic Book exchange in the front with aTatoo Parlor in the back. "Mayberry Movie and Ink" Owned by Goober's son Clint.  Clint is canvased with tats, wears a bandanna, leather vest , rides a Harley, has been married three times, fathered five children and is currently looking for his fourth wife.

The Junction Cafe (where all the truckers went to talk to Juanita) has been replaced by a Walmart complete with a Starbucks, McDonalds and free WiFi.  This drove Weaver's Dept. Store and out of business back in the 90's.  Weaver's is now ???  Anybody??






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The TV Shop/Funeral Parlor is gone and was replaced by a high end coffee shoppe, Brew Drop In, We Roast the Beans, So You Don't Have To. Quite different from the old cup of joe you got at the diner. Otis found a lawyer in Mt. Pilot in the early 1970s who got him on SS Disability. No problem buying booze now.

Years ago one of Mayberry's citizens left for fame and fortune as a music star. Jim Lindsey had left once but came back trying to get people of Mayberry to believe he was famous but it was a ruse. When the band he joined came looking for him, Andy worked his magic and got thing straighten out and sent them on their way again.

After they left they got a gig and met a group of female singers who decided to join them. As things went on relationships formed and so did marriages and families. They hit it big performing around the country and on TV.

Jim always had his feelings for Mayberry and kept up with happenings there. One day he thought about building and opening a music entertainment mecca at Tucker's Lake. Talking with the group, they decide to travel to Mayberry meet with Andy and others about  plotting  out a area at the lake  After much discussion and other needs ground was broken and work begun.

Before completion the roads were up graded and transportation by train to the station in town then by shuttle bus to the center. Eventuality a airport built to use private jets along with the needed safety operations. Because of Jim's group of years in entertaining many big music and TV and movies stars came to the opening. Some of the local music groups like the Darlings came to also entertain. Every once and a while  Andy would entertain together with  Jim's group.

Money starts to flow into the area so new business and other things like a community hospital are built nearby.  Life for the people of town and county begin improve along with the jobs.  

Truthfully, I shudder to think what Mayberry would look like today? People would be sitting on the bench outside the barber shop, not talking to each other, but rather glued to their iphones. Instead of moonshiners, Andy and Barney would be busting up meth labs. The new bully in town would not just be using apples as weapons to smash street lamps either. And that is just the start!

It is all a bad dream! Wake me up!!!!!  

Good reckonin' there Mayor.

Back in 2011 all sheriff offices in the state of NC were required to have dashboard and officer cameras. When the state police in Raleigh reviewed the ones from Mayberry, Barney was fired immediately and Andy was put on paid leave.  :(

I imagine there would be several traffic lights in town, and maybe a “Roundabout Traffic Circle around the Robert C. Mendlebright Horse Trough.




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