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Here is one that might stretch the imagination.  If Mayberry were a real town what would it look like today? 

Here are a few of my imaginings:

I can see Floyd's Barber Shop (which later became Emmet's Fix It Shop) might now be a used CD/Movie/Comic Book exchange in the front with aTatoo Parlor in the back. "Mayberry Movie and Ink" Owned by Goober's son Clint.  Clint is canvased with tats, wears a bandanna, leather vest , rides a Harley, has been married three times, fathered five children and is currently looking for his fourth wife.

The Junction Cafe (where all the truckers went to talk to Juanita) has been replaced by a Walmart complete with a Starbucks, McDonalds and free WiFi.  This drove Weaver's Dept. Store and out of business back in the 90's.  Weaver's is now ???  Anybody??






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They would have had to move the bank, maybe to the outskirts of town in order to install the ATM and the drive through teller window.  Also, they would have to have a properly secure vault for this day and age and security cameras would have replaced the bank security guard.

Weaver's is now ??? 


Mayberry now has cable TV.  Thelma Lou has to make a double batch of cashew fudge because there's so much more to see on TV. Of course, Barney is enthralled with his laptop, so there's less snuggling going on. Electronal marvel!!

The town is no longer "dry"......"Noogatuck's", a teen hangout for smoking Hookah pipes, has replaced the Grand Theatre and a micro-brewery is also enclosed in the same building. 

Being a substance abuse counselor, this won't be bad for business.  I'll move my office to Mayberry!

Yeah, we know what Sam Becker used to plant at night.

Had to laugh out loud at your Hookah bar.  Nice one Joe.

Stop it Joe,  you're killing me!  And Barney with a laptop--too bizarre to contemplate.  No telling what kinds of mischief he could get up to with that thing.  I guess he's stopped taking those detective magazines he used to have bound.  They really did add to the ambience of his room at Mrs. Mendlebright's, though.

Wal-Mart would have bought out the Dime Store...and Laura Lee Hobbs would be the Manager there. Watch out for falling prices!

Walker's Drug Store, which also was run out of business by Wal Mart, is now the unemployment office.  Unemployment in Mayberry County is now 14% about twice the national average.  Of course they don't "massage" the numbers like the Feds do so its really hard to tell how they compare.  Oh yea, they also built low income housing on the Site where they tore down Mayberry Union High.  There are 80 government subsidized apartments managed by Wilson and Bernice Mendlebright, the grandson and granddaughter in law of Mrs. Mendlebright.

The Courthouse now has a handicap ramp and railings leading up to the door so Otis, who is now 86 can wheel himself in when he gets a snoot full.

Let's not be so negative!  Mayberry was a small town far from any big towns.  (No Mt. Pilot was not a big town)  These small towns still exist in America.  There are plenty of small towns throughout the country that don't have Wal-Marts and still depend on local small businesses to support their economy.  

I live on a small island in the USVI (different but still part of the United States) that in total has about 5,000 permanent residents and reminds me a lot of what a modern day Mayberry would be like.  There is not one chain anything on this entire island, people know each other and say good morning/afternoon/evening and the community is very important to everyone. 

Another example is where my wife is from.  Gilman, IL is a tiny farm town in central IL.  I had the opportunity to visit a few months ago and the small neighborhood that she lived in was idyllic and was EXACTLY what Mayberry would be today.  Old houses in a small neighborhood where people sat on their front porches at night and went to one of two or three dining spots at night if they weren't making a good dinner at home.  

These places still exist and I choose to believe Mayberry would have seen few changes.




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