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What TAGS character(s) do you best identify with?

Could be same interests, personality, career, types of friends, experiences, favorite foods....

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Any of them who likes Aunt Bee's favorite dish!

I can relate to Otis in a way. Back in my wild days I once rode a cow just like Otis did! I was pretty much hammered and went to a young lady's house to pick her up to got out one night. It was dark out and there was what I thought was a horse standing along the fence in her driveway. Me being a little tipsy jumped on the "horse" and it took off. We made it about ten feet when I hit a tree limb and got thrown off! She heard me and came out and found me staggering in the field and asked what happened. I told her I got stupid and jumped on her "horse" and it throwed me off. She said I don't have a horse that was a cow! I hate to admit it but this is a true story!

I guess Briscoe Darling. His famous quote is you got time to breath, you got time for music. I play standup bass and taking banjo lessons now. Love bluegrass music and listen to it while I am working and practicing. Just let that thumb hang loose and hang on. A one and a two. Them onions just twanged my buds. But, you can keep the fish muttle.

Stop it, Joe!  My sides are hurting--LOL.

I would WANT to be like Thelma Lou--pretty, sweet, faithful, loyal, smart, etc.

But I am probably more like "Old Lady Crump".  That is, (former) school teacher, independent, likes-to-be-bossy (but not always successful), can give a mean "squint-eye," when angry, etc.  However, I'm not as good a dancer as Helen and certainly don't look good in a "tent dress" while I'm doing it.

So, if I had my druthers, I'd want to combine the best qualities of Thelma Lou, Helen, and Aunt Bee (great cook, loving and nurturing--in black-and-white--and a pretty good piano player when tiddley).

I'd have to say, Gomer. Mechanically inclined, loves dogs and children, trusting to a fault but rather shy around women.

I think I'm most like Amanda, the first girl through the door that Barney enlisted in his campaign to find a wife for Andy.  I'm lousy at softball though!

In a sense, a little bit of Andy. When I was younger, I went along with hijinks and even instigated them. As I get older, I'm less patient and more cynical. I'm open minded to new people, but I don't like everyone.

I am Lydia- I don't gamble or dance and I am great with deadpan one liners. I do, however, like the guitar and pretzels, but I do not bowl, worship the sun, and I tell my class " I hate chit chat" . Yep, I channel my inner Lydia! But I just got new tires, so I hope they are good!!

Lydia, do you get carsick?  If so, try hanging your head out the window while you're riding.  Works almost every time.

Professionally, I relate to Mr McBeevee, but as a kid I really think I am a lot like Opie and Ron Howard.  Opie's escapades reminds me so much of my own childhood, in fact I am about his age and when watching the first runs of TAGs as a kid, I marveled that a kid like me could be an actor.....Ron Howard has lived and is living his dream.  It is evident that as a kid he really ejoyed his craft and was very aware of his blessing of being on a hit tv show, he followed his dream and I wanted to go this route, but I let to many other people influence my ideas of persuing an acting career.  He was and still seems to be facinated with film making, I too am facinated with the production of tv and movies, love the behind the scenes stuff !

As for me, I would say Andy Taylor himself. Well mainly because I'm a firm believer in good old fashion common sense.  I also believe in good clean morals. Not  the likes of which are seen today. Being loving, caring and compassionate toward your neighbor. These attributes are what many people today don't believe in. Laughter works like a medicine too. Andy Taylor had outstanding communication power and found peaceful ways to handle things. Likewise I have had to use this same level of communication with people throughout my life too, on the job and dealing with all the situations that I have encountered.  

Lydia allergies shy I look like her!



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