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A little twist to LINES from the SHOW: Let's take turns adding lines and letting folks respond by saying WHO said that and to WHOM it was said. Once you answer one, be polite and leave one for the next person.

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Bobby Fleet and his laughing band at the diner. I'll better they didn't even leave a quarter tip.

Okay Michael,  Spill!  Who said it?   I give up.

Who said:

"Well Martha, how are your begonias?'

Andy said it to Martha Clark. Emmett was in the kitchen with Mrs. Pendleton. Andy and Mrs Pendleton were trying to help Emmett find out what Martha wanted for their anniversary.

I have asked this before Michael, but I will ask again as I think you might know the answer. Who said 

"You think the rain will hurt the rhubarb?"

Emmett said that quoting a fella named Fletcher Emerson

Michael you are the King of Color Episodes! 

Who said "hogback, hogback, that's all you cook is hogback!"

Mandy's husband Naylor
Darn autocorrect: Maudy
Who said: "Dexter Street?"?
Maybe we can get a hint on the Dexter Street one, Michael?

In the meantime, who said..."You know, it's amazing how a fella can pick up his game by practicing regularly."
Hint on "Dexter Street?" The Episode was Lawman Barney
Also, Howard said your quote Bernie. When he was trying to get on the bowling team...




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