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Although life in "the friendly town" was almost always a joy, there were a few times when Mayberrians hit a bump in the road.  Don't want to be a downer so if you want to add how the individual dealt with the problem or sadness, that'll be great.  We all know that nobody in Mayberry stayed downcast for long.

Here's an example of a "worst time" in Mayberry:

Opie's self-confidence took a terrible beating when the bully was making him give up his milk money every day.  But after a heart-to-heart talk with his Pa Opie stood up to that mean boy and regained his self-respect (and his access to milk with his peanut-butter sandwich).  Ole Ope was real proud of his shiner, wasn't he?

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Barney's bump in the road was when John Masters found someone else to sing the solo.

There were also some "bumps on the road" when Barney took everyone out for a test drive in his new car!

It was in one of the color episodes when Barney came back to Mayberry and found out Thel was married.   That was something Barney could never recover from, and that actually irritates me a lot that it happened.  He should have proposed to her a long time ago.

I always thought it was odd that they didn't keep in touch after Barney went to Raleigh.

Barney and Thelma Lou did keep in touch with almost daily letters and soon after Warren left for a better offer in another town, Barney came back.  He hadn't really liked the FBI job, but with that on his resume he was eligible for a big raise from the county.  He proposed to Thelma Lou, they had a lovely wedding at All Souls church with a reception at the Taylor's house.  They went to live in Thelma Lou's house with Barney remodeling the downstairs bedroom into a den where he kept his bound copies of True Detective.  A year later they had a baby boy.

Ya'll must have missed those episodes. 

Aha....the lost episodes. Of course! ;-)

Oh, Mrs. Mendlebright, we wish!   So glad to know those episodes exist.  I always thought there HAD to be a mistake when Thel showed up married to a man who worked on a "wrecking crew" and Barney forgot all about her when a pretty blond smiled at him.

Anyone who watched the episode where Thel and Barney "window shop" and make plans for their future home would never believe the version I mentioned.



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