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Let's post our favorite scenes of all time.

I have two.

First, in "The Education of Ernest T. Bass", when Barney silently shows how to walk into a room in a social setting.  Kisses hands. Andy jokes about his "mouthwork."

And second, in "Opie the Birdman" when Barney claims to understand bird talk. "The ways of the creatures of the wild are many and wonderful."  And also, "Well, Winkin will tell Blinkin, Blinkin will tell Nod, Nod will tell Barney, and Barney will tell you."

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Or was that first one "My Fair ETB"??  

I like when the Barney does the "Shake Down" in the "Bighouse" episode.

Another scene from "Citizen's Arrest" that I like is where Otis fills Barney in on the codes to use with his tin cup raked over the jail bars. "We're bustin out tonight". "Barney's in jail, Barney's in jail".

There are so many great scenes, some heart warming and some funny, I can't pick a favorite, but I just saw one that always makes me laugh in "A Date for Gomer."

Andy and Barney have just got out of the car in front of the dance. Helen and Thelma Lou are in the car, mad, and Barney has a handkerchief to his nose as he explains that he doesn't want to go in and stand in the stag line with a bunch of slumped over teenage boys. 

Then Barney says, "A man spends money getting his suit spotted and pressed, takes two hours polishing his hat and for what?  Heartaches!"

Next comes one of those  great heartwarming scenes when they get back to find Gomer dancing with Mary Grace while she's wearing that cor-sage. ('Twould be wrong for you, Mary Grace, to go to the dance unadorned."

This is among my favorites:  After trying, by every nefarious means, to avoid Aunt Bee's "Kerosine Cucumbers," Andy and Barney are standing in the tent after the pickle judging placed Clara Number One AGAIN.  Aunt Bee has just told "the boys" that they love her pickles so much that she's made a double batch for them this time. 

"What are we going to do?" Barney asks.

"What we should have done to begin with," says Andy as he forks a pickle from the jar and hands it to Barney, "learn to love them!"

One of my favorite scenes is Barney in "The Bank Job" with Asa and his gun and moldy bullets. Then Asa lays the Glenn Ford line on Barney. It gets even better when Andy tries to cool him off and Mr. Meldrim steps in with Harriet and again the Glenn Ford line. Barney is boiling when he storms out!

Barney basically lip-syncing to Glen Cripe in Barney and the Choir cracks me up, no matter how many times I watch it!

Favorite scene one: Frankie Flint gets all dressed up, and her Father doesn't recognize her.How she walked so gracefully across the barnyard in heels is beyond me.

Favorite scene two: Luke Comstock is out of jail and returning to town. Barney's anxiety level is high. He says the only reason Luke is coming is R-E-V-E-N-G. Andy answers "re-veng?" (hard G).

Its not possible for me to say what scene is my favorite.  I'll just say what scene is my favorite ' right-now' and that is when Hellen Crump is trying to explain to the kids in class how the United States got started and then Opie raises his hand and chimes in reallll good and then the other boys start arguing about it and then the look on Helen's face is priceless as she sees what is happening.   

A really hard question to reply to Catsmeat, but here's one of my all time favorites:

When Opie lets the birds go on the porch and says to his Paw, "Boy, the cage sure looks empty don't it Paw?" Then Andy replies: "Yes son, it sure does...but don't the trees seem nice and full."

Gets me every time!

Yup, I agree with you on that ColHarV.  That scene is one of the heart-warming best.  Its right up there with when Andy met Mister McBeavy in the woods.   

During our watching of TAGS, we travel many roads.... It's so hard to pick a fave, but there is one I always remember....Peggy and Andy on the front porch, singing Down In The Valley.
Always thought Peggy singing and liking Opie the way she did, made her the best match for Andy!



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