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How can I start a new group?

Started by Warren Fanatic Nov 8. 0 Replies

As a new member here I really feel for those other new members who try to break the ice but still feel like Barbara Eden in "A Friendly Town". Can I help get them all together in one group so we can…Continue

How can I attach more than one photo to a reply at a time?

Started by Ray Randall Jul 19. 0 Replies

I've tried to attach several photos to a discussion reply but only one loaded. The photos are either 5MB or lower. When I try to load a photo on a second reply, the photo doesn't show up. Is there a…Continue

How can I stop getting automated emails from iMayberry Community?

Started by Allan "Floyd" Newsome Jan 6, 2012. 0 Replies

Go to "Settings" for your profile (over at the right of the screen under your name).Go to Email. Change the settings for the e-mail you receive.Scroll to bottom of page and click "Save."Continue

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Can I change my displayed name?

Started by Allan "Floyd" Newsome Dec 28, 2011. 0 Replies

Yes, you can change you name.When you're logged in, you should see your account information over at the right.  You should see 'Settings" there.Click "Settings" and from can change your…Continue

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Comment by ColHarV on January 18, 2014 at 5:17pm
"Passing On The Friendly Town" is a new post on my Mayberry Everyday blog, pass it on to friends, and let me know what you think. Keith a.k.a. Col Harvey
Comment by ColHarV on December 26, 2013 at 4:00pm
Read my Blog, "Mayberry Everyday", and check the newest post on Lessons from the Mayberry Christmas Story. I tried to reflect on the practicality and the spirituality of the episode.
Comment by Allan "Floyd" Newsome on January 9, 2012 at 10:02pm

Yes, John.  No reason to segment users more than is really useful.  Having less groups to draw folks away is a good thing...I think.

Comment by John Lane on January 9, 2012 at 8:07pm

Allan, is that why you combined the Mayberry Bible Study into the Chapel? So you wouldn't have so  many groups.


Comment by Allan "Floyd" Newsome on January 9, 2012 at 7:19am

Only the community creator can create groups.  I really wouldn't want too many groups created because it would cause the community to become fractured.  Too many places to check and see what's being said.  Any new group creation will have to be very well thought out.  I'm not sure I should have created quite as many groups as I already have.

Comment by John Lane on January 9, 2012 at 7:14am

Allan, How come only you can add and make groups? I think it should be that EVERBODY that's a member of iMayberry Community should be able to make and add groups. What do you think Allan?

Comment by Allan "Floyd" Newsome on December 31, 2011 at 9:11pm

Introduction to the Latest Activity Feature

The Latest Activity feature is a stream of up-to-the-minute activity across the iMayberry Community. It shows off what's happening, from new photos that have been uploaded to new friendships that have been confirmed.

Members can update their status on the Main Page, comment on content, "Like" content and even view content, all from within the Latest Activity feed. This feature is a great way to highlight what's new and keep members informed so they can participate and interact with folks in our community quickly and easily.

To post a Status Update, click on the status box and type your message there. You can share with Twitter or Facebook by checking the box next to these icons and share your update with everyone.

Please note that if you have set your profile page to be visible only to members or friends, you will still be able to update your status on the Main Page, but your status will only display on your My Page. This may look like your status update has disappeared, but going to your My Page will verify that it hasn't.

To comment on an item in the Latest Activity feed, click on the comment icon to open up a text box.

For Photos and Videos, clicking on this icon will open up a text box within the Activity feed. Enter your comment, and click on the "Share" button to save your comment. For Groups, Discussions, Events and Blog Posts, clicking on the comment icon will direct you to the content detail page first, so that you can read more before adding your comment. For multiple media items uploaded at one time from one member, clicking on the item will direct you to the detail page, where you can then add your comment.

Comment by albert wbmutbb on December 31, 2011 at 8:54pm

Hmmm.... trying to post things on the main page-latest activity section... can that be done directly by posting on that page only?? I'm having no luck on that. Do I need bigger wires?


Comment by Allan "Floyd" Newsome on December 28, 2011 at 10:32pm

Scott, I think you're right.  I'm comparing what Jan see versus what I'm seeing and it looks like most thing show up in the "Latest Activity"  but only things from your "friends" will show up on your profile page. 

I'm sure there is a way to adjust the main activity feed to show less stuff but I'm not sure.

Comment by Dud Wash on December 28, 2011 at 4:47pm

So, lemme see if I understand. Do posts by all members of the community get posted to "Main" and then only people you "friend" show up in the feed on "My Page?"


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SWFLguy replied to SWFLguy's discussion ME-TV's reruns
"I suspect they cut out most scenes of Andy smoking? Although I have seen a few.  "
Michael Z replied to SWFLguy's discussion ME-TV's reruns
"Also, if you compare DVD to on-air shows, you will see some deleted scenes included. In some cases, they were good ones to delete! Two come to mind: 1. Barney's Motorcycle - a scene where trucks are honking their horns in the middle of the…"
Susan Plesha replied to Thelscuz's discussion Musical Beds
"Where did Roger sleep when he courted Aunt Bee?  This is a guest room that pops up sometimes.  And what about the Russians who camped out at the Taylor's house?  They came down to the kitchen in the middle of the night to get a…"
Susan Plesha replied to Thelscuz's discussion Musical Beds
"They must have added a room when cousin Gloria came to visit."
Keevy Hazelton replied to Thelscuz's discussion Musical Beds
"But there was no guest room in this episode, Susan."
Thelscuz replied to Thelscuz's discussion Musical Beds
"Keevy, I don't have any idea as to whether Nora and Ollie visited before or after "Mayberry Goes Bankrupt," etc.  If they visited before, then perhaps the guest room was "unfinished."  Maybe it was being used for…"
Susan Plesha replied to Thelscuz's discussion Musical Beds
"Uncle Ollie should have slept with Aunt Nora in the guest room.  Aunt Bee would sleep in her bedroom.  Andy could sleep in his own room with Opie in his bed.  Op could have slept in a sleeping bag. "
Dave Cline replied to Thelscuz's discussion Musical Beds
"Andy should have said that crime was up in Mayberry and he needed to sleep down at the courthouse."
Dave Cline replied to Mason Syran's discussion Mayberry actors in Ghost and Mr. Chicken
""I'm having chicken noodle soup with Alma" "Love your print!" "Mortar, stone, and wood" "And they used bon ami""
Keevy Hazelton replied to John Lane's discussion What's Thelma Lou's job?
"And to the winner goes the spoils!"
Keevy Hazelton replied to Thelscuz's discussion Musical Beds
" If it had been me, after the first night with Ollie, I'd have gotten myself a room at the hotel. In 'Mayberry Goes Bankrupt,' there's mention of a guest room in the Taylor home. This is apparently the same room Gomer…"
Thelscuz posted a discussion

Musical Beds

I know that we've speculated about this before but don't think we've ever had a discussion dedicated to this heavy problem.  When Aunt Nora and Uncle Ollie and their boys came to visit was there a way to adjust the sleeping arrangements so that Andy…See More

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