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Here goes...I don't think I have ever created a blog, I am going to give it a try.  Being a life time fan of TAGS, I remember well the days of the first runs of the show as a kid sitting in front of …

Here goes...I don't think I have ever created a blog, I am going to give it a try. 

Being a life time fan of TAGS, I remember well the days of the first runs of the show as a kid sitting in front of that black and white TV.  We had one of those mounted in a cabinet that looked like a piece of furniture.  I…


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Passing Along "The Friendly Town"

I am a guy who does coupons. Yeah, that's right, coupons. I cut them out, look for them online, redeem what the stores give me on the back of receipts and collect rewards points back on my gasoline. I'm not fanatical, nor am I an expert, but I do pretty well. Once at CVS I had a $46.59 bill and only paid $7.19. At the local Sunoco gas station, I have filled up my car (up to 20 gallons) many times for as little as 38 cents.

That brings me to the point of this blog entry. Just after… Continue

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Lessons from the Mayberry Christmas Story

I love the "Christmas Story"episode of The Andy Griffith Show...and until recently, always wondered why they didn't do another Christmas episode in the seasons that followed. Then it hit me.

If you watch a lot of the other Sitcoms, they will have Christmas shows every season. And when you talk to friends and refer to those other shows' Christmas Specials, someone would always ask: Which season...1 or 2 or 3. It gets confusing.

But NOT SO with the Andy Griffith "Christmas… Continue

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My Trip to the BIG City

I recently returned from a trip to the big city…the REAL Big CITY…New York, NY. As I stepped into thecrowded lobby of our hotel, a broad smile broke out on my face. My wife asked me what I was smiling about. I turned around, leaned back on the bar with my elbows and said, “Boy, you sure wouldn’t have to look hard around here to find some good felonies.” (Andy and Barney in the Big City). We both laughed out loud. And it was hard to believe what they were asking for rooms, more than $7.00...a… Continue

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Mayberry and Technology

Mayberry, NC is the home of one of the most beloved television programs of all time, The Andy Griffith Show. But as far as technology, there really wasn’t a lot by today’s standards. In one episode in particular, “Crime Free Mayberry”, Barney Fife is upset at the modern marvels of the neighboring Mt. Pilot police department and jealous because Mayberry was so far behind the times. He told Andy, “We don’t have any submachine guns, no tear gas, and we don’t even have a “hee-lio-copter.” Barney… Continue

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Andy Taylor - An American Hero


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Mayberry on FB

I recently started a page on FB for all who love TAG! Come and check it out!

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Barney Fife as Singer

I saw the episode in which people have to exclude Barney from the chorus because of his atrociously off-key singing. Funny and poignant.  However, Barney sings along with Andy in another episode in which a man whose car has broken down stumbles into Mayberry.  Barney seems to be singing on key!!

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Doesn't Aunt Bee ever learn?

Two episodes featuring Aunt Bee have the same plot. Both times she feels she must leave to give Andy a chance to marry.Once she pretends to date the butter and egg man from Mt. Pilot. Then she really dates the dry cleaner. Andy assures her both times that she is loved and needn't leave if he does marry.Listen up, Aunt Bee!



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WBMUTBB Chapter/iMayberry Community Meetup - Mayberry Days 2012 (3pm Friday)

WBMUTBB Chapter/iMayberry Community Meetup - Mayberry Days - Corner of Graves St and W. Pine Street


Hey Folks,

It's time to plan our meeting time for the WBMUTBB Chapter and the iMayberry Community at Mayberry Days.

I've looked at the schedule and the best time for us to meetup this year is at 3pm on Friday.  That would be after Mrs. Wiley's Tea Party (1pm-2pm), Doug Dillard Afternoon tribute (2pm), and before the Youth…


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In Loving Memory of Andy Griffith

                                                           In Loving Memory of Andy Griffith

                                                               June 1st 1926 – July 3rd 2012

First to hear Andy on the turn table at the time

Could Master a one-liner on a dime!

“What it was…Was Football” we all laughed at him saying

Yet making us roll over describing the referee in stripes



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joe foster

i was sorry to hear about andy's passing, and on the other i'am glad to be i i mayberry community thanks for letting me join you folks

Added by joe marshall foster on July 4, 2012 at 3:51pm — No Comments

Rest in Peace, Mr. Griffith

July 3, 2012

Rest in Peace, Mr. Griffith

written by:  Holly McLeod, PHR

It’s been a long while since we’ve visited Mayberry together and learned a thing or two from Andy and the gang about what it takes to have better relationships, be a little more patient, and yes, even to be a better employer.  While these lessons are important and entertaining, we can’t forget the ones who made these lessons possible.  We’ve lost a few cast…


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Andy of Manteo and Me

News came this morning (July 3) that Andy Griffith, the beloved sheriff of  TV's Mayberry passed away at his home on beautiful Roanoke Island, N.C.

He was 86.

Griffith was best known to the world as Andy Taylor or Ben Matlock on television, or as Larry "Lonesome" Rhodes, the role for which Griffith earned an Oscar nomination in Elia Kazan's "Face in the Crowd."

But when I lived on Roanoke Island, a place where every year-round resident is considered a neighbor, Mr.…


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Come on Over!

Hey All... I'm invit'in ya over to My Living-in-Mayberry Blog  for a discount coupon on some good homemade recipe mixes sure to please Aunt Bee! I'll send ya the discount code once ya join my blog! Be sure and watch the contraption they tell me is a video. Get Ready to be hungry but don't tell the Darling Gang cause they just might get it all if they get there first!…


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Quiz and music all in one!

Several years ago I wasted the good part of a rainy weekend writing a few songs about my favorite place. Last week while cleaning up a hard drive I rediscovered the damage I did back then; It's an "album" of songs about Mayberry that can provide you experts with a little mental exercise trying to figure out which episodes and scenes each line came from. Not saying that it's that good, just sayin that it's something you can listen to when you run out of dtuff to do.

You can find it at…


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2nd Annual Mayberry Comes to Westminster




Westminster, SC - - - - the City of Westminster will again transform into the city of Mayberry for the 2nd Annual Mayberry Comes to Westminster  Festival April 20 and 21, 2012. 

Mayberry look-a-likes, or…


Added by Tom Rusk on February 22, 2012 at 11:02am — 2 Comments

A Mayberry Valentine

Low and lonely, sad and blue / Thinking only, of little you / Always tryin', to keep from cryin' / I'm low and lonely over you.

Briscoe Darling serenading Aunt Bee

Added by Don Polite on February 12, 2012 at 5:53pm — 1 Comment

Mayberry Games Fans Might Enjoy

There are a few games I have over at and they've been around for YEAR but I figured you guys might not know about them.

Mayberry Word Search

Deputy Sheriff's Qualifying School:…


Added by Allan "Floyd" Newsome on January 9, 2012 at 9:17pm — 1 Comment

2012 Mayberry Calendar

Hey iMayberry Community! 

Wow, the community is doing great and we're seeing a lot of folks join us here in our little corner of Mayberry!  I'm excited about that and I hope all of you will take time to get to know one another.  I'm going to do all I can to help that happen and to make sure we have fun here.…


Added by Allan "Floyd" Newsome on January 2, 2012 at 10:00pm — 9 Comments



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