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Getting My Dose of Mayberry

I don’t know about you folks, but I go through times where I just need a good dose of Mayberry.  I don’t mean binging on watching the episodes, but interacting with other Mayberryians.

So here’s how I like to do it:

1)  I LOVE…


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A Salute

Whether I go to the grocery store, or to Wal-Mart, or just drive up to the mall…I HATE to be in a long line.  If people were attentive to the task at hand, and moved with due diligence, it would be different, but they don’t! Even waiting at the traffic light, and I am just four cars back…I know that because of drivers not paying attention or just lackadaisically moving along…I may not make the light.  I am especially irked by the “rubber-necking” drivers that just have to slow down and take a… Continue

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I Am Mayberry Fortunate

One often speaks of how fortunate they are to have this or that, or fortunate to have a particular experience...and so on and so forth. …


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How To Connect To and Share Mayberry

I was watching and listening to a recent podcast, Two Chairs, No Waiting, hosted by our friend, Allan Newsome.  The podcast showcased some of the many great books written about The Andy Griffith Show.  An issue came up during the podcast that got me to thinking.  It centered around the different websites, resources and events, as well as what many consider to be common knowledge about the show.  What came from the conversation here, and at a recent "meet up" event in Mt. Airy, was that there… Continue

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You Never Know When You'll Meet a Mayberry Neighbor

For those of us who love the Andy Griffith Show…and I mean LOVE the Andy Griffith Show…we probably have some sort of Mayberry memorabilia. It might be a Mayberry coffee mug, a keychain, a hat, some of the collectible villages or plates, a book, a car license tag or tag frame, an autograph or two with pictures of the shows stars…or even a picture or autograph from the Tribute Artists. But most likely, the most popular item in the Mayberry Collection is the T-shirt. Most of us have at least one… Continue

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A Mayberry Cure for the Holiday Blues

I look so forward to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. All they hype, the excitement of children, the tree and house decorations, the nativity, the services at church, family and the giving. I pour a lot of my efforts into giving. I don’t necessarily focus on the monetary values in the gifts I give, but try to focus on people. How can I serve my family and friends? What acts of kindness can I do for them? How can I serve or give to total strangers or to organizations that benefit… Continue

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What are "The Good Old Days?"

Do you sometimes long for "the good old days?"

Many a day over the years, I have had occasion to feel like I just wanted to be somewhere else besides where I was at the time. I will also find myself wishing I could go back to "the good old days." The truth is, we really just want to experience the peaceful and fun times of years gone by.

The good Lord has a way of letting us remember the good times a lot more clearly than the bad times. Oh, we remember the passing of loved… Continue

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It's Hard to Beat a Mayberry Event

Everybody longs to be a part of something. Everybody wants to contribute to their family or circle of friends. Everybody wants to be valued. Sheriff Andy Taylor made that happen for the residents of Mayberry. He did it for Aunt Bee in the very first episode, The New House Keeper. He did it for Opie in Mr. McBeevee. He did it for Barney over and over; Lawman Barney, Crime Free Mayberry, Barneys Sidecar, on and on, and on. He even did it for old cranky Ben Weaver in The Christmas Story… Continue

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Mayberry Comes BACK to Westminster 2014

In just a few short weeks, the town of Westminster, nestled neatly into the upper left-hand corner of the state, will come alive with Mayberry. Oconee County, where Westminster is located, is called the Golden Corner of the State. Although I love living on the coast of SC, I spent the first four years of my life as a professional out of college in this wonderful place.

Clemson University is just a few miles away, as is the town of Seneca, Walhalla, Oakway and West Union. I was… Continue

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Guest of Honor

Not too long ago, I became aware of a wonderful website that I now belong to called the "iMayberry Community." The site is operated by a great guy named Allan Newsome, also known as the Tribute Artist, "Floyd, the Barber." The website can be found by going to It's a little slice of the Internet, just off the beaten path that allows us to go back a little over 50 years to a simpler time. To a time when life's pace was a… Continue

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As of late in the Deep South, and more specifically, on the South Carolina coast, we have experienced weather that is somewhat foreign to us. Over the last three weeks, we have experienced below freezing temperatures along with rain, sleet and snow. That's right, the beach. I know it's not that big of a deal for those of you who live in parts of the US where you regularly see this kind of weather. Oh, we have short snaps of cold weather, although it not as often as others, however… Continue

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What's Your Hurry?

As Andy, Opie, and Aunt Bee sit on their front porch on a Sunday morning, they speak to and about the different folks passing by on their way to church. Andy pops off a line as he waves saying, "Mornin' Eli. Good service, we went to the early one."

As another family passes, Aunt Bee remarks, "Look there Andy. Four generations...all going to church together. There's Claude Sr., Claude Jr, Plain Claude Beamon and Claudette...."

Point being... When is the last time you took… Continue

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Passing Along "The Friendly Town"

I am a guy who does coupons. Yeah, that's right, coupons. I cut them out, look for them online, redeem what the stores give me on the back of receipts and collect rewards points back on my gasoline. I'm not fanatical, nor am I an expert, but I do pretty well. Once at CVS I had a $46.59 bill and only paid $7.19. At the local Sunoco gas station, I have filled up my car (up to 20 gallons) many times for as little as 38 cents.

That brings me to the point of this blog entry. Just after… Continue

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Lessons from the Mayberry Christmas Story

I love the "Christmas Story"episode of The Andy Griffith Show...and until recently, always wondered why they didn't do another Christmas episode in the seasons that followed. Then it hit me.

If you watch a lot of the other Sitcoms, they will have Christmas shows every season. And when you talk to friends and refer to those other shows' Christmas Specials, someone would always ask: Which season...1 or 2 or 3. It gets confusing.

But NOT SO with the Andy Griffith "Christmas… Continue

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My Trip to the BIG City

I recently returned from a trip to the big city…the REAL Big CITY…New York, NY. As I stepped into thecrowded lobby of our hotel, a broad smile broke out on my face. My wife asked me what I was smiling about. I turned around, leaned back on the bar with my elbows and said, “Boy, you sure wouldn’t have to look hard around here to find some good felonies.” (Andy and Barney in the Big City). We both laughed out loud. And it was hard to believe what they were asking for rooms, more than $7.00...a… Continue

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Mayberry and Technology

Mayberry, NC is the home of one of the most beloved television programs of all time, The Andy Griffith Show. But as far as technology, there really wasn’t a lot by today’s standards. In one episode in particular, “Crime Free Mayberry”, Barney Fife is upset at the modern marvels of the neighboring Mt. Pilot police department and jealous because Mayberry was so far behind the times. He told Andy, “We don’t have any submachine guns, no tear gas, and we don’t even have a “hee-lio-copter.” Barney… Continue

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