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I attended Mayberry Days in 2006 and went to the poetry book signing on Main St where I had my book signed by Kathryn Daren the book's publisher and a Mayberry tribute artist herself. I introduced myself to her and she told others in line that I was the one who wrote the tribute to Barney in the book. Several people asked me to sign their book. I was embarrassed but I obliged. Kathryn asked me to return to a book signing later that day but other obligations prevented this from happening. Having heard there would be another updated publishing I decided to try again and here' what I came up with...


As time goes by the stars pass on and bring sadness to our day

but the memories they have given us will never fade away

Aunt Bea has raised little Opie to become a fine young man

and Barney the bumbling deputy can't mess up another plan

Otis Campbell the old town drunk has taken his last nip

Floyd the barber with the one-chaired shop has given town folks their last clip

Miss Crump will never teach again poor Andy's lost his mate

we've seen the last of Ernest T. Bass no more windows can he break

Howard Sprague the county clerk will no longer use his rubber stamp

and Emmett Clark the fix-it man can't fix another lamp

We'll never again hear Briscoe scrub one off with the Darlin' boys

or weep as grumpy Ben Weaver delivers his Christmas toys

Old Jud yellin' at the top of his lungs is silenced forever more

Asa will never awake again and have his gun drop to the floor

Clara Edwards with blue ribbons nearby has made her pickles one last time

Emma Watson has taken her last pill that worked miracles for a dime

The fire's burned out under the Hollister still it's dripped out it's last load

Rafe's glorious voice won't sing no more "Look Down That Lonesome Road"

Doug and Mitch of the Darlin' boys will no longer be around

but now they're reunited in Heaven where the Lord's blessed by their sound

Since Goober's gone and left us he'll no longer pump our gas

Andy has taken his last breath we'd prayed he'd never pass

These precious things once part of life helped put a smile upon our face

because they took us back to a simpler time in a simple place

Although the stars pass on their memories live on and we thank them for their part

in giving us The Andy Griffith Show that brought Mayberry into our heart

This is an edited version of original poem because of the passing of several people from the show.

May God bless all of us who has made Mayberry a part of our lives. All that's left are memories...and reruns!

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