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Do you sometimes long for "the good old days?"

Many a day over the years, I have had occasion to feel like I just wanted to be somewhere else besides where I was at the time. I will also find myself wishing I could go back to "the good old days." The truth is, we really just want to experience the peaceful and fun times of years gone by.

The good Lord has a way of letting us remember the good times a lot more clearly than the bad times. Oh, we remember the passing of loved ones, the times where we experienced misfortunate times, but for the most part when folks say they wish they could go back to "the good old days," here's what I think we are doing:
We are longing for a simpler and less complicated life. We want to see old friends, as we remember them. We want to live a more carefree existence. We want to revert back to our fond childhood memories. We want to make people as happy as we once were. We want to belong and to share with others so they will also belong. We want to remember the times when we could walk down the street in the evening a fad feel comfortable and safe. We want to be able to go into our homes without having to lock up our cars. We want to go to the store without having to lock our house up and punch in the Alarm Code. We want to walk down the street or around the block and know all of the neighbors, which house was there's and which kids belonged to them.

My friends, we are looking for Mayberry. I don't want to assume that I am speaking for all, ...but getting to participate in Mayberry Events as a Tribute Artist (Col. Harvey), I get to share a little bit of Mayberry with folks. I get to see folks smile and laugh. People seem to relax, have fun, and for just a little while...are "back in the good old days."

So as much as we Tribute Artists get to do for the Mayberry faithful, know this: I suspect all of the Tribute Artists get as much out of interacting with you as hopefully you get from this group of re-enactors. So feed us lines from the show as we walk by. Make sure you take in one of the Tribute Artist's Shows at the events. Stop us and let's take a picture together. Come shake hands, collect and autograph or two, and revert back to a simpler day and time with us. If you get an opportunity to attend a Mayberry Event, even if you have to drive a little distance to get there, do it. Here's an event calendar-

And for just a little while over the weekend events, we get to retreat back into our "child-like" personalities and share Mayberry with you...and we get to remember "back in the good old days."

Have a Mayberry Day,
(Col. Harvey)

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Comment by Mr. McBeevee on July 8, 2016 at 2:08pm

I believe you hit the nail on the head Colonel.  I have to laugh knowing that a couple of times in my life when I would say I miss the good ole days, I have had a person or to much older than me say, "Heh, you can have to good ole days...personally I enjoy the comfort of air conditioning, the ability to go to the grocery store to buy my food and no longer having to cut firewood, tote water, etc."  

Well, I think what you set is what we really mean.   What we refer to as the good ole days are the great memories most of us have of a simpler time.  TAGS is a place we go to help us remember.  I would like to say thanks for what you and all of the other contribute artist do as it gives us all another connection to the show.  Mayberry Days and related events provide us all with a chance to enjoy "the good ole days"  We have been so fortunate to not only interact with contribute artist, but we have been especially blessed to be able to interact with many of the original cast members.  I am very thankful for everything and take nothing for granted.  I think we can all agree, Mayberry is a place in our hearts that embellishes the memories we have of the good ole days.

Comment by Jane Hinckley on October 18, 2014 at 2:20pm

I wrote a poem once entitled "Looking For Mayberry." It was about looking for the good old days.

Do you know Carly Simon's song "Anticipation" which ends with the line "These are the good old days."

In an Andy Griffith episode, Andy is chatting about the good old days when he rode on the ice wagon. He says,"Something's gone out of life since then." Aunt Bea replies, "Yes, Typhoid,"

Comment by Lloyd E. Puchek on September 23, 2014 at 8:03pm

The town of Mayberry reminds me of the city I live in now which is Hobart, Indiana. Hobart, Indiana was established first as a town at about the turn of the century, 1900. This photo of this restaurant I am posting here was once on 3rd Street in downtown Hobart, Indiana. 


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