Have YOU ever NOTICED?

OK...Let's find the stuff that may not be so obvious, and the ones that make you think, "Hey, I never noticed that before." and post them for all to now be able to notice.

Post the Episode and the thing you noticed.  See my first post as an example.

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  • Asa was a night watchman 👮  , and a Doctor 👨‍⚕️.

  • In, 'The Big House' episode, when Barney takes Andy out to show him Gomer on the roof, look close just before the camera starts to pan up to Gomer and you can see a small object fall from the roof and bounce into the street.

    • Good catch! I never noticed this even though I watched this episode many many times.


      • And I just watched it last night and noticed it - for the first time!


        • just watched it several times on Amazon.  never noticed it before.  seems it could be a piece of mortar that falls when Andy closes the door.  There's even a little sound you can hear.  Great find Keevy!

  • There’s a scene in the mayors office in “The Horse Trader” with six people sitting around a table.  The shots go back and forth between straight on towards the mayor and then from the mayors right. 

    When the camera films straight on you can see a large key in front of the mayor. When it switches to filming from his right side the key is gone.


  • Have you ever noticed that the Squad Car does NOT have a shine on it?  This is because the producers/directors wanted to avoid unwanted reflections into the camera as the sun hit the hood, trunk and windows as much as possible.  (Odd Facts Known By Few HAHA)

    • Now that you mention it, Colonel, there also were no bald men in the cast.


  • Anybody ever noticed the cardboard boxes that cereals come in... showing up in the background of the episode, “Opie’s Newspaper?” Looks like Fristed Flakes and Cheerios to me. 8115978893?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Well, that is curious indeed!  The Andy Griffith commercials featured Post brand cereals yet here we have General Mills and Kellogs (Frosted Flakes)!


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