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Often times I try to figure out what the Mayberry prices would equate to, in today's dollars. So I created a chart below showing equivalent prices, based on an inflation calculator I found online. For example, the $4 ticket Barney gave to Fred Plummer would be about $30 today!  Thirty dollars, just for sweepin!

For simplicity, one could use $8 for every $1 of Mayberry money as a good average. 

Let's start do'in some figur'in!

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Opie's 3 cents goes to 24 cents. Andy still wouldn't be impressed.
Barney's car - $2400
No wonder he was moping around so badly after it turned out to be a lemon.

Didn't that feller with the change purse lose $50?  No wonder Opie was so excited when he found it.  That would be equal to $400 today!!


Ope got $8.00 for trying to sell Miracle Salve.

So today Floyd would have lost $1,600 in Goobers' give away contest. Boy, you thought he was mad back then.

One of the bookies working out of Floyd's shop paid an inflation adjusted price of $12 for a facial to "improve his face" !

I don't know about Mayberry, but in Kansas City when I was 13 in 1963, a deluxe hamburger with all the fixin's ( and we didn't used to put cheese on everything so it didn't include that ) was $0.30, now, a good one is about $6.00.  A hotdog with onions, relish and mustard was a a dime when on sale, today they're $0.79 at one fast food burger chain but the "gourmet" places charge $2.50+  And I think the food in general was better back then :0)

In the late 1950's a truck stop out on the highway about two miles from our house offered hamburgers:  "2 for a Quarter".  That was for 2 buns each with a hamburger patty with ketchup.  Came in handy when you had "too much week at the end of the money."  Juanita didn't serve it though:(

So they had "dollar burgers" back then too! But I bet they were a lot better than the ones we have now.

Truck Stops !  We had one on the other side of town off the Interstate that had thee best chicken fried steak I've ever tasted.  I can't recall how much it was, but when dad would take us all out there on Sunday for dinner, you know it was good.  They had everything on the menu, it was all good and reasonably priced.  I remember it was always full of truck drivers who had their own section with their own waitresses so they could get in, eat and get back on the road.  I wish we still had more places like those !

I think the lunch special of Vienna sausages in tomato purée, which impressed Barney so much, was 80 cents, so about $6.40 today. And with Andy and Barney both leaving a quarter tip on a tab of roughly $1.70, that's like a 30% tip for the widow Olive. Good job, boys!

What about Barney's rent at Mrs. Mendlebrights?  She charged four dollars a week though you couldn't cook in your room or use those high wattage bulbs.  Still, in today's dollars that's only about $170 a month. Not too bad when you throw in that free apple cider.




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