Mayberry Man movie

Very interesting! And donating just $10 to this cause gets your name in the closing credits. A $200 pledge gets you a role as an extra in the movie. Our own Allan Newsome will be in this film!

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  • They are really serious about doing the "Mayberry Man" movie.  I have faith that they will be doing the movie as they are working very hard to make sure it's done and done well. 

    They have asked me to be in it and it's something I've never done.  I'm fairly sure I can do it but hopefully I'll do it well enough to look like I'm not acting. :)


    • You’ll do fine Allan. After all, you landed one of the leads in the Mayberry Founders Day play...MAN you really nailed that scene: “Rejoice!”  (They’re not rejoicing Ms Bishop.)

    • Hopefully, the director will be on the same skill level as the Reverend Dargood.

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