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I know this has been talked about but TAGS characters crop up in the strangest places and when you find them you just gotta tell somebody! 

I was just watching an Alfred Hitchcock episode 'How to Get Rid of Your Wife' and lo and behold there was Chester and Skippy and they were in the same scenes together.  It's almost as exciting as finding a new Tom sighting!

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Saw our girl Thelma Lou on a western this morning.... 1959 movie called The Hangman with Fess Parker. 

First time poster.

I have been reading up on some of TAGS characters the past few day, this was stunning to me, Glenn Cripe,the bass singer in several shows was actually the voice of God in Cecil B DeMille's movie The Ten Commandments!  What a great voice he had.   Here is picture of his obit, his real name is Jesse Delos Jewkes. 

Good find Mr. Brown.

Not sure if this has been mentioned before but both Denver Pyle (Briscoe Darling) and James Best (Jim Lindsey) were on The Dukes of Hazzard as Uncle Jesse and Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane respectively!

Ron Howard (Opie Taylor) also played Winthrop on The Music Man.

Opie was the star of "The Music Man," for me.  Most talented child actor ever.

(Well, there was that little girl with blond curls who was the top box office draw of the 30's, but still, Opie's my favorite.)

Goober (George Lindsey) is the focus of one episode of MASH. He plays a boisterous, loud-mouthed, stand-in doctor who got on everyone's last nerve. 

He's so out of character in that!  I can believe Goober as an intellectual history expert with a beard, easier than that doctor.

Ellie (Elinor Donahue) was also in an episode of The Dukes of Hazard as an FBI agent.

Here is Aunt Nora, using a crowbar to jimmy a door on Dragnet Episode "Narco: Pillmaker".

That's hilarious!  Wonder if her husband made her do that so he could hear police sirens.

The Twilight Zone Season 1: Episode 3, "Mr, Bevis" has two of our Mayberry friends in it. Barney's first girlfriend, Hilda May and the woman who played Otis' wife. Both have bit parts. I think The Twilight Zone and TAGS were filmed at the same studio complex, Cayuga. Musta been cool living in that area of Los Angeles in he 60's.

Just because it’s there, I’ll mention The Blob (I finally watched).  Aneta Corsaut played Steve McQueen’s girlfriend, and was much sweeter than Helen C.  Definitely more of a daughter-figure.




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