The New Andy Griffith Show

I don't know if this is something that's not supposed to be talked about or not, but does anyone know what the story or premise was behind The New Andy Griffith Show? There’s an episode on YouTube (the first I think) and he’s supposed to be a mayor, called Andy Sawyer, with a wife named Lee (Lee Merewether) and a couple of kids. But then Goober and Emmett come in and say hello and he greets them like long lost friends, and later Barney arrives with the same fuss. 

Rarely does a ‘new’ anything work as well as the original. The New Andy Griffith Show, The New Dick Van Dyke Show and The New Phil Silvers Show. You could even throw in The Bob Crane Show (they could hardly call it The New Hogan’s Heroes). All of those rarely get talked about today, it’s always the originals that not only live on, but overshadow these new versions. It’s very rare for lightning to strike twice in the same spot. 

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  • I recently watched that episode on YouTube as well. Was somehow taped, vintage commercials and all. We really enjoyed the old commercials!

    The show itself, not so much. 

  • When Andy made his return to network television in the fall of 1970, it was in a show called 'Headmaster', a drama in which he played the headmaster of an exclusive California private school. When that program very quickly sank in the ratings, Griffith replaced it immediately that same season with, 'The New Andy Griffith Show', which was much closer in tone and content to 'TAGS'. The change didn't help and the show fared worse than 'Headmaster' in the ratings.

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