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Some folks in Mayberry seem like they don't do ANYTHING for a living.  They must have some source of income, though.  And there are some very interesting occupations in The Friendly Town.  Let's name the person and what they do for a living.  If we don't know for sure we could mention clues as to what the occupation might be:

I'll start with an easy one:

Thelma Lou "works at the office."

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Medwin was a bookie, and a barber.

Aunt Bee got a job as a receptionist for a small printing firm that moved into town. Unfortunately their real business was making funny money so her job didn't last very long. William Christopher played the new doctor in town. He played golf and drove a convertible sports car. Look out!

That Peterson kid could not carve a turkey though. A patient on an operating table wouldn't have stood a chance! 

Yes, butterfingers. That was strike three. I guess the skills needed for carving a turkey and taking out tonsils are not the same, fortunately for Opie.

There's also Hobart M. Tucker, aka the Reverend Tucker. (I just noticed his first name.). Andy "holds" with him.

Well  they have been takin' from him for a good many years.

Aunt Bee's cousin Bradford Taylor was a bit time international financier with holdings all over the world. He even came to Mayberry in his own private railroad car. He and Bee almost went into the ice cream business, but it didn't quite work out.

Laura Lee Hobbs is a clerk down at the five and dime. You might be interested to know that there's a gold shipment coming through Mayberry, and Andy and Barney and Gomer and Laura Lee Hobbs are going to be there to meet it.

George Nader played an earlier new doc in town. Barney made an appointment to spy on him. Barney was in good health, but the doctor was amazed as his skinny arms. He had never been able to wrap the blood pressure cuff around an arm so many times before.

I don't think anyone mentioned Ellie, the pharmacy gal.
Emma Watson was manicurist.

Wasn't Otis a brine tester at the pickle factory at one time ?  Barney said he had a pickled liver.




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