• Deputy Otis

    • 10-4
      You got it Shorty.
  • What episode did I watch?


    • I am thinking Fred Goss. Thirty pounds of clothes being cleaned in INK!

      • Excellent guess, Mayor but sorry, incorrect.

        • Maybe it's the one when the Darlings were trying to set up reluctant Opie with a baby girl as his future bride to be and Andy saves him by having him sign the contract in trick-ink that disappears and that spooks the Darlings and they high tail it outta there and forget the whole deal. 

    • Hint: Johnny Paul Jason.

      • Johnny Paul Jason said if you lick an indelible pencil you will die in a minute and a half.  And also a couple  little known facts of life are chewing tar s good for the teeth and eating burnt food will give you a good singin voice.    I found that stuff on Andy and Opie, Bachelors.  

  • What episode did I just watch?


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