• Thanks but Ive looked everywhere on the internet and have seen both of those multiple times

    The Andy Griffith Show Reunion (1993)

    Part 1 -

    Part 4 - 

    I can't find parts 2 & 3

    30th Anniversary TV Special for The Andy Griffith Show - with Don and other cast members

    That isn't the entire show but at least it's some of it.

  • Oh well if you do find anything please let me know.
  • Oh well if you do find anything please let me know.
  • Yeah I know this because I own the 50th Anniversary DVD and it doesnt have the 2003 reunion.

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    • Im asking how to watch the Mayberry reunions I dont understand your answer

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        • Sandra -

          Neither of the CBS retrospective specials, THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW REUNION (1993) or THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW REUNION: BACK TO MAYBERRY (2004) are on DVD. 

          The link you provided, for the 50th Anniversary DVD collection, contains the 1986 TV movie RETURN TO MAYBERRY.

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            • The 2003 special is not in the "50th Anniversary" DVD collection.

              The review you posted above comes from the 2003 special's page.  Whoever posted the DVD image on that webpage made an error.

        • I couldnt find it on amazon do you have a link you can give me?

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