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I'm always amazed when folks say they never knew all this stuff about The Andy Griffith Show existed. 

The iMayberry Community's goal is to help fans of The Andy Griffith Show connect with one another to share their knowledge and love of Mayberry. 

Community, friends, relationship, family.....those are the things that we love about Mayberry and want to nurture here.

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Welcome to the iMayberry Community!

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Quotes you say ALOT!

In no particular order, name the top 1-2 quotes from the show that you “ACTUALLY” SAY TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS, a lot!   Please only list 1-2 to give others a chance to add theirs!!! I’ll start: Your education was worth every penny. Eatin’ speaks louder that words!

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48 Replies · Reply by Susan Perry Apr 4
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'The Jim Nabors Hour' w/ Andy Griffith

Very rare clip of 'The Jim Nabors Hour'. This is from the first show of the series which debuted in September,1969 and ran for two seasons on CBS. With special guest, Andy Griffith and featuring Frank Sutton and Ronnie Schell. This is only the second clip from the show to surface. Clip is in B & W but the show was aired in color.

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1 Reply · Reply by Bernie Fife Mar 7
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Johnny Cash & Ronnie Howard

Saw Johnny Cash last weekend in a real turkey- 'Door-To-Door Maniac', costarring a very young Ronnie Howard. A flop when first released in 1961, it was re-released in '66 under a different title, 'Five Minutes To Live' in an attempt to cash in on his later success in Country Music. A bit surprised Ronnie's daddy Rance would let him do this film considering the subject matter. It's on YouTube but don't waste your time, unless of course, like me, you enjoy watching really bad movies. This one is…

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Franklin Dickerson replied to ColHarV's discussion WHO said that?
"You are correct, Larry.  It's from Aunt Bee's Romance.  Roger Hanover was one of my least favorite charcters. I thought of it after seeing Bernie Fife's one about Frank; the mister -perfect school board guy who was hornin-in on Andy, because if you…"
7 hours ago
Larry Grainger replied to ColHarV's discussion WHO said that?
"Franklin, that is Andy talking about Roger Hanover... "I feel the same way you do, Paw - I dont like him either." Opie"
16 hours ago
ColHarV replied to ColHarV's discussion Favorite Photos from Mayberry Events
"With dixie Griffith (L) and Karen Knotts (R)."
21 hours ago
ColHarV posted a discussion
Show some of the best and most memorable photos you've taken or that have been shared with you from any of the Mayberry Days,  Mayberry in the Midwest, Mayberry Night in Troy, or any other Mayberry events, etc.
21 hours ago
James Gilbert, Anne Key and Mark Worsley joined iMayberry Community
22 hours ago
Franklin Dickerson replied to ColHarV's discussion WHO said that?
"Here's one:  "You want to know the truth, Floyd?     I can't stand him."    B&W episode.
22 hours ago
Bernie Fife replied to ColHarV's discussion WHO said that?
"That’s correct, Mayor.  I think you deserve at least three-and-a-half clovers for that one."
Mayor Pike replied to ColHarV's discussion WHO said that?
"That was about Frank and his fancy wine. "I'm afraid Raleigh is becoming an embryonic megalopolis!"


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