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HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY to The iMayberry Community... Jan. 4, 2024. Our goal is to help fans of The Andy Griffith Show connect with one another to share their knowledge and love of Mayberry. 

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ya'll probably know this, but today I found out

the same actress played Big Maude the escaped convict and Eleanora Poultice, Barney's voice teacher.  Reta Shaw must have been one heck of an actress.  After all these decades of watching the show and reading all the trivia, I was shocked to find she could play two such different roles and me not know it.Also play Mrs. Halcyon Maxwell in the Ghost And Mr. Chicken.

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Create your own fun and silly Mayberry questions and answers!

Let's create our own fun questions that are answered by imagination rather than facts. Make your answers as fun and silly as possible.What is Andy's middle name? Shakespeare. That's why Andy is so theatrical.What movie scares Barney the most? Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) Barney thinks someone stole his body and left him with a broom stickWhat does Aunt Bee hate to cook? Upside down pineapple cake. She gets dizzy standing on her head.What does Goober like to do is his spare time?…

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Write your own fan fiction Andy Griffith Episode (I'll go first)

I'm going to paste a fan fiction Andy Griffith eipsode I wrote a few years back. I think it would be fun to see others write fan fiction episodes, too. Maybe someday all the fan fiction episodes can be gathered and put into one book? Everyone have fun! Return to Mayberry, let your hearts smile as Floyd cuts your hair and Barney chases down a dangerous criminal while Aunt Bee cooks a declious pot roast for dinner. Fan Fiction Episode: Andy walked into the courthouse, wearing his usual Sheriff’s…

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Mr. Schwump in Final Episode

This won't come as a surprise to most of you, but I didn't know Mr. Schwump was in the final episode (S:8;E:30) of TAGS, in living color.  I rarely watch the color episodes, but PlutoTV runs them (also on demand) about every third rotation.  At the ceremony honoring the Italian family, Mister is in the audience. Paramount+ also streaming all eps of TAGS.  Just for fun, I did a google image search of a blown up but sorta clear pic of him.  No luck.I believe the key to his identity is casting…

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FUN with the LINES from the SHOW

Let's put lines in and take turns finishing scenes by filling in the next line. After you answer one, leave one for the next person. Comment all along the way. It should be fun. Here's a starter: BARNEY: During our lifetime we travel many roads. There are big roads and little roads, rocky roads and smooth roads. Dirt highways and improved roads. Now let's take you, and that outfit you got yourself there. GOMER: ____?____

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Bernie Fife replied to Bernie Fife's discussion Some basic TAGS trivia
"In Opie's dream about the Annual Sheriff's Boys Day, what was the last event Opie won, and Andy had to pin the medal on the back of his shirt?"
May 9
Bernie Fife replied to Bernie Fife's discussion Some basic TAGS trivia
"That would be correct! 👍"
May 9
Larry Grainger replied to ColHarV's discussion Let’s Check In…
"Lebanon, TN"
May 9
Larry Grainger replied to Bernie Fife's discussion Some basic TAGS trivia
"That would be one Big Jeff Pruitt."
May 9
Bernie Fife posted a discussion
Who said Thelma Lou was "juicier than a barrel full of corn squeezins"?
May 9
Donna Greer replied to ColHarV's discussion Let’s Check In…
"Jefferson City, Tennessee"
May 4
Donna Greer liked Donna Greer's profile
May 4
Bernie Fife replied to ColHarV's discussion Have YOU ever NOTICED?
"I hadn't noticed that.  However, having watched so many times, I can picture each character....same guy. :-)"
Apr 10

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