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FUN with the LINES from the SHOW

Let's put lines in and take turns finishing scenes by filling in the next line. After you answer one, leave one for the next person. Comment all along the way. It should be fun. Here's a starter: BARNEY: During our lifetime we travel many roads. There are big roads and little roads, rocky roads and smooth roads. Dirt highways and improved roads. Now let's take you, and that outfit you got yourself there. GOMER: ____?____

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L.A. Times story about "Nice Dress Nellie" and treasure map

Hi all,My name is Daniel Miller, and I'm a reporter at the Los Angeles Times. I wrote a story this spring about a mapmaker named John D. Lawrence and a mysterious treasure map that he made decades ago. Reporting on Lawrence sent me on a journey, one that led me to learn a lot about Lawrence's wife, Marvel. It turns out -- as it has been documented on this forum -- that she was "Nice Dress Nellie." I thought everyone here would be interested in the story, as it sheds light on the life of the…

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Betty Lynn Memorial

I created Betty Lynn a memorial at 'We Remember' since she did not have one. If the iMayberry Community wants to manage the memorial I will transfer management and stop being the moderator.Link: https://www.weremember.com/betty-lynn/8r2z/memories It seems only fitting that Betty Lynn's memorial would be taken care of in Mayberry where it belongs. G-D Bless. Respectively,Paul Flanagan

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Angry Andy

i was talking with someone about TAGS and came around to how rarely Andy got really mad in the black and white episodes.  We each came up with an example of Andy’s b&w anger.  One was in season 5, Man in the Middle when Andy told Barney not to call Helen a dame.  The other was in season 3, Barney Mends a Broken Heart, when Andy got mad at Peggy when her friend Don (the hungry buzzard) dropped in unexpectedly.  I have since thought of a third one, which I’ll hold back for now.  Are there more?…

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Another Possible Schwump Sighting?

Hello neighbors! This photo was recently posted on another TAGS page I frequent by a member watching an episode of 'Perry Mason' titled, 'The Case Of the Drowsy Mosquito.' I have to say the man on the right certainty resembles Mr. Schwump. As usual, the character played a wallflower and didn't speak so no screen credit was given. He appears to be wearing a toupee as well. I couldn't find the episode on YouTube to scrutinize it further. What are your thoughts?

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Sharon Elise Ibrahim, John Armstrong and Richard Wayne Baldwin joined iMayberry Community
ColHarV replied to ColHarV's discussion WHO said that?
"I'd like to start off today's program with a "Request." One of my favorites, and I hope one of yours...
Who said that?"
Mr.Tucker replied to ColHarV's discussion Have YOU ever NOTICED?
"I saw it, good eye, Col.  I never noticed it before. Looks like a piece of tape or something hanging from the mic. "
Sep 7
ColHarV replied to ColHarV's discussion Have YOU ever NOTICED?
"Is it my eyes playing tricks on me, or in the episode, Andy and Opie-Bachelors, at the bus stop while Aunt Bee is giving instructions and Peggy is standing next to Andy … I think I see the boom mic coming in over Andy 's head a few times."
Sep 6
Mr.Tucker replied to ColHarV's discussion Have YOU ever NOTICED?
"I just watched that episode and I was wondering the same thing.  Great minds! "
Sep 4
Mr.Tucker replied to ColHarV's discussion Have YOU ever NOTICED?
"I just now noticed that Andy met Helen for the 'first time'   on two different occasions.  Once on
Andy Discovers America, and once on A wife for Andy.
Unless I am wrong, because I'm willing to stand corrected on that."
Sep 4
rb posted a discussion
Aug 24
Larry Grainger replied to ColHarV's discussion WHO said that?
"Sheriff Andy Taylor...Ms. Margaret could not believe it!"
Aug 24

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