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I'm always amazed when folks say they never knew all this stuff about The Andy Griffith Show existed. 

The iMayberry Community's goal is to help fans of The Andy Griffith Show connect with one another to share their knowledge and love of Mayberry. 

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Welcome to the iMayberry Community!

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Angry Andy

i was talking with someone about TAGS and came around to how rarely Andy got really mad in the black and white episodes.  We each came up with an example of Andy’s b&w anger.  One was in season 5, Man in the Middle when Andy told Barney not to call Helen a dame.  The other was in season 3, Barney Mends a Broken Heart, when Andy got mad at Peggy when her friend Don (the hungry buzzard) dropped in unexpectedly.  I have since thought of a third one, which I’ll hold back for now.  Are there more?…

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19 Replies · Reply by Bernie Fife Nov 7
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Identity of "Nice Dress Nellie" revealed

"Nice Dress Nellie" is an actress that appeared in at least 34 episodes of the show. (Mayberry Wiki article) "According to assistant director Bruce Bilson, her name is Marvel, but he did not give her full name. Marvel was a stand in for Don Knotts and Mr. Bilson picked her for the stand in job." (Mayberry Historical Society article)I think her name is probably Marvel Lawrence.I saw a comment on a MeTV article about Nice Dress Nellie where a poster named Jermyn said "I searched IMDB for someone…

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24 Replies · Reply by Randy Turner Oct 5
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sneaky stage manager

Something had caught my eye previously but I was able to confirm tonight that during the Butter & Egg Man/Aunt Bea gets a boyfriend episode, Andy is reading a copy of the Mt. Airy News when Aunt Bea, while washing the supper dishes, announces she has a date with Mr. Hendricks.  It is plainly visible as he has the paper folded in half with the front page facing the camera.  Pretty sneaky stuff.

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3 Replies · Reply by Mr.Tucker Apr 22
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Susan Oliver was an incredibly talented actress and played each of her roles so well, no matter her character.If I had to pinpoint one episode as my favor, it would have to be Prisoner of Love.  What made it so was thecombination of Susan's character and the haunting music theme.  I've looked in many different places to try and find if the score was borrowed from somewhere or composed just for the show and this episode, no joy.  Does any know if the score is available somewhere besides the…

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2 Replies · Reply by rb Apr 12
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Floyd Colby & Floyd Lawson (history)

The information below is the backstory that Norm Schultz (seen as "Floyd #1 in the photo) and I (seen as Floyd #2 in photo) deleloped to retcon what we saw on episodes of The Andy Griffith Show to make it fit into continuity of Mayberry.  Floyd Colby  & Floyd Lawson (history) Colby and Lawson were partners at Floyds Barber Shop but Colby was the majority partner. That's why in “Mayberry Goes Hollywood” when the big time movie director came to town, the barber shop was named " Colby's Tonsorial…

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6 Replies · Reply by Dr. Pendyke Mar 29
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Watch Mayberry Man yet?

We did. I was greatly impressed with our own Allan Newsome's part - top quality acting! For sure it was a bit of a quirky movie, but it was a must-see for Griffith fans. The impersonations of Floyd and Barney were brilliant and I loved the Goober and Gomer tribute artists as well! I loved how many of the lines were just lines grabbed from TAGS episodes. I really liked the ending!Now on Amazon for rental.

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4 Replies · Reply by Bigg Jeff Pruit Mar 7
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Another mystery woman?

Stop me if this has come up before, but I’m wondering if anyone can recall seeing this woman in other episodes.  In the first picture, she takes a prominent spot in “Barney’s Replacement”.  I’m not positive if that’s her in the second picture, walking in the background in “Barney on the Rebound”, but it sure looks like her.  She has a large purse in both appearances.  I’m pretty sure I’ve noticed her in at least one other episode, but I’m not sure which one(s).

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7 Replies · Reply by Bernie Fife Feb 19
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Happy Anniversary tothe iMayberry community page.  10 Years old as of January 4, 2022!  


Mr.Tucker replied to ColHarV's discussion Have YOU ever NOTICED?
"In Three Wishes for Opie, Goober, Floyd and Barney are in the back room of the courthouse attempting to communicate with the Count when Barney says to Goober: "you know the procedure, if you will please."   
Goober reaches out of frame and turns off…"
Nov 9
Bernie Fife replied to Bernie Fife's discussion Angry Andy
"The Case of the Punch in the Nose....ooo-wee, did Andy get mad at Barney!  When he yelled at Barn to shut up, he was boiling."
Nov 7
Mayor Pike replied to ColHarV's discussion Have YOU ever NOTICED?
"Here's one you probably never noticed:  Barney uses the language "Smash, smash, smash" when he speaks of destroying a still with an ax. Carrie Nation, a famous women in the temperance movement used the words "smash, smash, smash" in a quote that I…"
Nov 4
Mr.Tucker replied to ColHarV's discussion WHO said that?
"Tough one.  Hmm, I want to say Mayberry Goes Bankrupt.  Andy might have said that when they decided to fix up Frank Meyer's place. "
Nov 3
Mr.Tucker replied to ColHarV's discussion WHO said that?
" I'd say it was after  Opie had tried running away,  in Opie's Ill gotten Gain.  "
Nov 3
ColHarV replied to ColHarV's discussion WHO said that?
"I'll send your regrets to the Secretary of the Navy!
Who said that?"
Nov 3
Bernie Fife replied to ColHarV's discussion WHO said that?
"I'm going to guess that's from The Sermon For Today, very possibly Andy."
Nov 3
ColHarV replied to ColHarV's discussion Have YOU ever NOTICED?
"In the episode "Family Visit" the group stops for ice cream. Anybody notice the name of the shop?"
Nov 1

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