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I'm always amazed when folks say they never knew all this stuff about The Andy Griffith Show existed. 

The iMayberry Community's goal is to help fans of The Andy Griffith Show connect with one another to share their knowledge and love of Mayberry. 

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  • Hmm...I don't think they ever were in a scene together.  I'll really have to think on this one but I believe you're right.

  • And speaking of Otis, I don't recall ever seeing Otis, Helen, and Thelma Lou ever in a scene together. Curious.

  • Sure has been quite here at the Barber Shop. :)

  • Thanks Don.  I hope everyone enjoys it.  The number of visits/posts here has been very low since the "upgrade" so I guess I'll have to wait and see if folks like it or not.  I'm glad you like it!

  • Nice work on the upgrade, Allan. Thanks for all you do!

  • James - Don't worry if you bring up something that's been talked about before. Everybody here watches reruns every day some we can handle talking about things again. Your perspective may very well add an insight that no one else has ever given. I certainly do look forward to seeing Australian articles and thoughts about Mayberry! 

  • The renovated site looks fine at my end, maybe it'll take a bit of getting used to. Unfortunately I'm not as big a contributor to the forum as I'd like to be because having only joined last year (a forum that's been running for many years) it's hard to come up with something new and/or original that hasn't been said and done many times already by others. I have 'contributed' a few screen grabs of TAGS people in other productions and have plenty more of them in my DVD collection, I've only scratched the surface really, so I may do a few more of those, even 'shock-horror' a few Jack Burns ones. Plus a couple of contemporary Australian newspaper articles about TAGS from 1961 when it premiered here, I may upload them as well. 

  • Hey ColHarV - I agree it'll take some time to get use to.  There are adjustments we can make to the layout, etc if that will help make things easier to adjust. This is the starting point I came up with but we can make it better.  I look forward to suggestions and we'll see what we can do. 


  • The site is a fresh look. It will take a little adjusting for some, but a welcome upgrade!

  • I hope everyone makes it here to the new site. I haven't seen anyone in town yet. 

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Keevy Hazelton posted a discussion
The Grand theater had two other names during the course of the series. Who knows what they are?
1 hour ago
Keevy Hazelton replied to Mayor Pike's discussion What Episode Did I Just Watch???
"Close, Mayor. It was Doggie Burgers served at a place called the Chuckwagon.
1 hour ago
James Murphy replied to rb's discussion interesting articles
"They certainly are interesting articles, albeit a touch cynical in tone. They seem to give the impression that both actresses were somewhat typecast perhaps, because of their roles in TAGS.
And in the Frances Bavier article, what on earth is meant b…"
Mayor Pike replied to Mayor Pike's discussion What Episode Did I Just Watch???
"Wasn’t there also a “Weinie Burger” mentioned in Leave It To Beaver?"
Keevy Hazelton replied to Mayor Pike's discussion What Episode Did I Just Watch???
"The episode is, 'Andy's Rich Girlfriend.' Andy mentions taking Peggy McMillan to the Weiner-Burger (pronounced wee-nee-burger). The Weiner-Burger was actually in Mt. Airy and was owned and operated by Andy’s first cousin, Evin Moore. Andy worked the…"
Mayor Pike replied to rb's discussion interesting articles
"Betty Lynn was in 26 episodes that spanned 5 years. At $500 per episode she made a total of $13,000. Surely she was not in it for the money! I hope she gets some royalties for all the rebroadcasts."
Bernie Fife replied to rb's discussion interesting articles
"Always fun to read, thanks for posting.  In the beginning of the Betty Lynn article, the writer refers to Thelma Lou as “naive”.  I never thought of her that way."
Jul 1
Bernie Fife replied to Mayor Pike's discussion ANDYGRAMS
"Young Swingers....Andy’s suggestion for the name of Opie’s group."
Jul 1

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