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Angry Andy

i was talking with someone about TAGS and came around to how rarely Andy got really mad in the black and white episodes.  We each came up with an example of Andy’s b&w anger.  One was in season 5, Man in the Middle when Andy told Barney not to call Helen a dame.  The other was in season 3, Barney Mends a Broken Heart, when Andy got mad at Peggy when her friend Don (the hungry buzzard) dropped in unexpectedly.  I have since thought of a third one, which I’ll hold back for now.  Are there more?…

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20 Replies · Reply by Bernie Fife Mar 10
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Another Possible Schwump Sighting?

Hello neighbors! This photo was recently posted on another TAGS page I frequent by a member watching an episode of 'Perry Mason' titled, 'The Case Of the Drowsy Mosquito.' I have to say the man on the right certainty resembles Mr. Schwump. As usual, the character played a wallflower and didn't speak so no screen credit was given. He appears to be wearing a toupee as well. I couldn't find the episode on YouTube to scrutinize it further. What are your thoughts?

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3 Replies · Reply by Bernie Fife Dec 17, 2022
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Identity of "Nice Dress Nellie" revealed

"Nice Dress Nellie" is an actress that appeared in at least 34 episodes of the show. (Mayberry Wiki article) "According to assistant director Bruce Bilson, her name is Marvel, but he did not give her full name. Marvel was a stand in for Don Knotts and Mr. Bilson picked her for the stand in job." (Mayberry Historical Society article)I think her name is probably Marvel Lawrence.I saw a comment on a MeTV article about Nice Dress Nellie where a poster named Jermyn said "I searched IMDB for someone…

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24 Replies · Reply by Allan Newsome Dec 15, 2022
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What Did Gomer Do In The Marines?

One thing I noticed after Gomer finish boot camp and then his group was moved to another Marine Base what would Gomer have been assigned to do. I would have figured he would have asked to be assigned to the base motor pool since he worked at Walley's gas station in Mayberry. I would figure Gomer would leave the barricks head to the motor pool work his time then return to the barricks for the day.My father when he joined the Navy wanted to be a cook but they showed him a booklet of tools and he…

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Disappearing Pencil

I noticed something recently, that if I have noticed it in the past, I have forgotten.  In the episode "Opie's Rival", Peggy comes into the courthouse and finds Opie.  She reaches and gets a pencil and proceeds to write a note for Andy.  She folds the note and lays the pencil down beside the note.  When the scene changes (and Opie begins to walk his black tennis shoes across the desk), we see the note, but the pencil has mysteriously vanished!  Curious - curious - curious...

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sneaky stage manager

Something had caught my eye previously but I was able to confirm tonight that during the Butter & Egg Man/Aunt Bea gets a boyfriend episode, Andy is reading a copy of the Mt. Airy News when Aunt Bea, while washing the supper dishes, announces she has a date with Mr. Hendricks.  It is plainly visible as he has the paper folded in half with the front page facing the camera.  Pretty sneaky stuff.

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3 Replies · Reply by Mr.Tucker Apr 22, 2022
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Happy Anniversary to the iMayberry community page.  11 Years old as of January 4, 2023!  


Bernie Fife replied to Bernie Fife's discussion Angry Andy
"Just watched "Aunt Bee the Crusader".  Andy got pretty mad at Aunt Bee when she interfered in his handling of Mr. Frisbee's eviction."
Mar 10
Brian Schoen posted a blog post
This entry is long overdue so forgive my lateness. I wanted to say Thank You Mayberry. I can't remember the first time I watched the show, but I do know that I've been hooked ever since. Nothing gives me as much "pure" joy as this incredibly special…
Jan 18
Brian Schoen replied to ColHarV's discussion Have YOU ever NOTICED?
"In Se.5 Ep.10 When Barney hits Otis with a tomato, it appears the scene has been edited and perhaps was shot more than once. Watch Otis's shirt."
Jan 18
Mike Farris is now a member of iMayberry Community
Jan 16
Allan Newsome posted a status
Looking for TAGSRWC Chapter reports for upcoming Weaver's Newsletter. Please send reports to: floyd@iMayberry.com
Jan 16
ColHarV replied to ColHarV's discussion Have YOU ever NOTICED?
"In the episode, Ellie Comes to Town". Andy says his bill is $3.23, but he only rings up $3.21."
Jan 5
Mr.Tucker replied to ColHarV's discussion WHO said that?
"I'll take a jab and say Aunt Bee said it when Andy was complimenting her on the good tray-lunches she brings to the courthouse.  "
Dec 29, 2022
ColHarV replied to ColHarV's discussion WHO said that?
"Oh, stop it. I don't have time for such blarney!
Who said that?"
Dec 28, 2022

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